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Contract Manufacturing Services

At Suburban Manufacturing, we provide ISO 9001:2015 certified contract manufacturing services and have built a reputation by completing the most challenging and complex precision projects. Our experienced and knowledgeable engineering and manufacturing teams apply new and innovative technologies as well as lean practices to achieve overall efficiency and reduced production costs. From concept development to component design and manufacture to assembly, finishing, inspection, and testing, we have the resources to provide you with a total end-to-end solution.

Our new 50,000 sq-ft facility is home to an impressive inventory of advanced technology machining centers, turning lathes, as well as horizontal and vertical mills. With multi-axis capabilities and productivity-enhancing features such as robotic loaders, automated bar feeds, live tooling, and high-speed pallet changers, we are able to achieve rapid cycle times while emphasizing quality. Along with standard metals and high performance alloys, we have experience working with a very wide range of materials, including fiberglass and both commodity-type and engineering plastics. We provide the production assets to manufacture components with dimensions of up to 19” x 30” while upholding tolerances as close as ±.0003”.

Equipped with resources to accomplish both long and short run projects, our 5000 sq-ft assembly and test area is isolated from the shop floor to provide a clean working environment. Our medical assembly line is certified for oxygen use, and devotes significant space to dedicated work cells and test stands for long-running projects. With some of the most precise quality assurance equipment available today, we are able to accommodate many different test and inspection processes to ensure the integrity of everything we produce.