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Quality Manual

Suburban manufacturing has incorporated its Quality Manual into its company website to make it accessible to all customers,  vendors, and employees.

All hard copies of this manual are considered "uncontrolled".

If you are uncertain of the current revision level of an element of the Quality Manual you must check this website.

This manual is an overview of the documented quality management system that is in place at SMI. The quality management system is designed to establish controls throughout the entire manufacturing process from sales proposals to product delivery and on through to customer acceptance. The Quality Assurance Program complies with all requirements of ISO 9001:2000, and may comply with other government and industry standards as applicable. Suburban Manufacturing, Inc. strives for continual improvement.

Customers, management and employees of SMI shall use this quality manual as the primary reference point for understanding the quality system. in addition there are procedures, work instructions and quality related forms that are part of the system. These documents describe how a process or requirement is performed and who is responsible for each action. All personnel are required to receive training in regard to these procedures, work instructions and the quality manual.

Scope: The following processes and operations are performed by/at Suburban Manufacturing and would fall under this control:

  • Metalworking: turning, milling, sawing, broaching, honing, finishing.
  • Soft Goods: sewing, ultrasonic welding, grometting, assembly.
  • Assembly: both our own product and contract assembly for others.
  • Business Functions: purchasing, estimating, engineering, quality, sales, production control/scheduling, shipping, accounting, human resources.

The President has overall responsibility for the Quality System. Implementation of the quality system has been delegated to the Quality Manager.

This manual will be revised and added to as necessary to reflect changes in quality requirements.

Brad Barger: President, Suburban Manufacturing, Inc.

Date : July 11, 2006

    Follow the links below to access the 20 main elements of this manual.

    Suburban Standard Practice Manual

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This section was last revised on 07/11/2006 by Mary Barger

7/11/2006: Replaced "management and control" of the quality system to "implementation". Correct grammatical errors.

01/20/2005: was ISO 9000/2000

06/30/2004: Added scope

09/19/2003: new

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