People, Passion, Energy.

The Suburban Experience begins with our people, from our engineering and manufacturing teams to our assembly personnel. Our employees are willing to push constantly for quality and chase after solutions with tenacity.

Throughout the entire process, from concept development and design, to manufacturing, assembly, finishing, inspection, and testing, we follow a set of core values:

  • Can-do Attitude:
  • * Having the confidence and ingenuity to meet the needs of the customer and employees.
  • * Fostering a culture that understands the value of agility, embraces creativity and innovation, and takes
  •    action to face the inevitability of change head-on.
  • Curiosity:
  • * Exploring new ideas and considering fresh perspectives in order to challenge the status quo.
  • * Driving continuous learning and improvement in everything we do.
  • Collaboration:
  • * Creating diverse and dynamic teams, where employees emphasize the higher purpose over self and
  •    define success collectively.
  • Craftsmanship:
  • * Exceeding expectations.
  • * Where passion and technology combine with skill and diligence to produce breakthrough results and
  •    bulletproof products for the customers, projects, and industries we service.
  • Commitment:
  • * Understanding that our success begins with doing whatever we can to help the people around us
  •    succeed and in being fully engaged in the needs of our customers and employees.
  • * We honor our obligations to quality, delivery, and service without compromising on safety.
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