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Electric Grease Pump

GreaseMinder Classic

The GreaseMinder Classic system efficiently distributes oil or grease to lubricate machine friction points. With divider blocks ranging from 3 to 24 outlets, it guarantees a correct discharge for each point. It is ideal for automatic grease lubrication in industrial machines and serves as a reliable chassis lubrication pump for various vehicles. With our progressive dividers, you can automate the centralization of over three hundred greasing points using just one grease pump.

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Built for Durability

Designed to resist harsh job-site environments: dirt & debris, all temperatures, and vibrations.

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Cam Driven

The internal pumping elements are cam driven, unlike a spring design in most competing models.

Grease pump on ditch machine 2
Indicator Switch

The Low Level Indicator Switch comes standard on all pumps.

Enhance your operation and grease with ease:

  • Dependable system designed to resist harsh jobsite environments
  • Extends equipment life with automatic lubrication to all desired zerks
  • Lengthens time between maintenance intervals; labor cost savings
  • Prevent corrosion, friction and rust by adding a protective layer of grease
  • Supported by our world class customer service and sales support

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  • Can be configured for oil or grease.
  • Operates intermittently or continuously, providing tailored lubrication cycles.
  • Powered by an electric motor, the internal rotating cam can actuate up to three pump elements, each equipped with a relief valve for system protection.
  • Pumping elements are Cam Driven, unlike a spring design used by most competitors
  • Made with non-corrosive materials, better than powder coated aluminum
  • Pump comes standard with the Low
  • Level Indicator Switch
  • In conjunction with ILC DPA, DPM or
  • DPX progressive dividers, more than three hundred greasing points can be automatically centralized from just a single grease pump.     
  • The direct mounted electric gear motor drives an internal rotating cam controlling up to three externally mounted pump elements
  • Each element has a max operating pressure of 250 bar,  can dispense up to 2.88 cc/minute
  • Hard nylon/fiberglass cover protects the gear motor with protection rating IP-66

Your lubrication journey starts today.

Contact our team for more information on building your Automatic Grease System.

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