Hanging Straps - Heavy Duty


Heavy Duty Python Straps are designed for rugged applications. Reinforced with Ballistic Cordura® nylon and ultrasonic-welded to one or one-half inch hook and loop material, Hanging Straps lock around hose bundles and can be attached via a grommet to any convenient bulkhead or mounting surface. The Heavy Duty series is used on agricultural equipment, fire trucks, and everything in between.

Key features and benefits: 

  • Easy installation: no tools required.
  • Nickel-plated steel hardware.
  • Engineered with Mil-Spec Python Hook & Loop™ closure.
  • High density weaving ensures the closure will not come apart.
  • Peel strength designed so the hook and loop can be peeled apart with effort.
  • Expands and contracts, eliminating damage, unlike nylon ties. 

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Sizing & Ordering Information
max circumference (in) item # minimum order quantity
4 HS404H 5
6 HS406H 5
8 HS408H 5
12 HS412H 5
16 HS416H 5
20 HS420H 5
26 HS426H 5
32 HS432H 5
36 HS436H 5