Sidewinder Ready Wrap
Sidewinder Ready Wrap
Sidewinder Ready Wrap
Sidewinder Ready Wrap
Sidewinder Ready Wrap
Sidewinder Ready Wrap

Sidewinder Ready Wrap

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Sidewinder Ready Wrap uses the most advanced insulation and abrasion-resistant materials to protect pumping equipment and ready-mix properties. Available in insulated and non-insulated versions, Ready Wrap installs in minutes and protects hoses or pipes from heavy abrasion, flash sets, and boom parties. A radiant liner attached to a non-breathable substrate maintains the concrete’s optimal temperature, providing better workability during placement in both hot and cold climates. Built with military grade hook and loop closure, Sidewinder Ready Wrap is reusable, extremely lightweight, flexible, and compact. When dragging hose across a job site or spraying the truck at washdown, you can rely on the urethane-coated sleeve to resist wear and prevent liquids from absorbing into the material. Other applications include spray polyurethane foam (SPF), refuse, and DEF tanks). 

Key features and benefits: 

  • Maintains the concrete’s optimal temperature and improves workability during placement in both hot and cold climates. 
  • Sidewinder’s military grade hook and loop closure is reusable and installs in minutes, allowing more time to concentrate on what you do best, pumping concrete.

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Abrasion Wrap (Non Insulated)

Ordering & Sizing Information
wrap I.D. item # Full Roll (ft) Short Roll (ft) Color
2 RWA-2.0-GY 150 50 Gray
2.5 RWA-2.5-GY 150 50 Gray
3 RWA-3.0-GY 150 50 Gray
3.5 RWA-3.5-GY 150 50 Gray
4 RWA-4.0-GY 150 50 Gray
4.5 RWA-4.5-GY 150 50 Gray
5 RWA-5.0-GY 150 50 Gray
6 RWA-6.0-GY 150 50 Gray
7 RWA-7.0-GY 150 50 Gray

Abrasion + Insulation Wrap

wrap i.d. item # Full Roll (ft) Short Roll (ft) Color
2.0 RWT-2.0-GY 150150 50 Gray
2.5 RWT-2.5-GY 150150 50 Gray
3.0 RWT-3.0-GY 150150 50 Gray
3.5 RWT-3.5-GY 150150 50 Gray
4.5 RWT-4.5-GY 150150 50 Gray
5.25 RWT-5.25-GY 150150 50 Gray
5.5 RWT-5.5-GY 150150 50 Gray
6.5 RWT-6.5-GY 150150 50 Gray
7.5 RWT-7.5-GY 150150 50 Gray

Insulated Elbows

Radius item # Color
22.5° RWE-22-GY Gray
45° RWE-45-GY Gray
90° RWE-90-GY Gray
90° RWE-90-SHORT-GY Gray

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