the tsunami spray foam profit protection solution

Air treatment for spf rigs

how can clean dry air reduce spray foam downtime?

Tsunami Filters and Dryers add cash to your business by providing less downtime. Clean, dry air prevents frozen air lines, contaminated pumps, and damaged spray guns.

Tsunami products use proprietary technology combined with the highest grade components to provide unmatched performance and durability. Regardless of the job site or atmospheric conditions, Tsunami systems will give you peace-of-mind time and time again.

increase material yield

Tsunami products will increase material yield by blocking liquids, contaminants, and humidity from entering your air system from the compressor.

prolong maintenance intervals

A quality finish starts with a clean gun. Having high-performing clean air equipment will get you there.

extend equipment life

Tsunami Dryers capture the harmful contaminants and moisture before corroding the internal components of pumps and agitators.

Air Dryers for Spray Foam

Tsunami Regenerative Air Dryers are designed to be compatible with any spray foam rig. Our systems are built as complete packages & are; are wall-mountable to eliminate wasted floor space used for bulky equipment.

Tsunami systems self-regenerate to ensure ultra-clean, dry air. Approximately every two minutes, a controlled signal forces an internal piston to shift. The shift in the piston redirects airflow through the opposite canister(s) while simultaneously back-flowing a small amount of dry air through the previously utilized tower; it's like changing out desiccant every two minutes!

Air Filters for Spray Foam

Adding air filters to a spray foam rig can save your air pumps and agitators by removing liquids, oils, and particulates that can come from your compressor; not to mention the corrosion that could occur in the airlines.

respiratory protection for spray foam

Tsunami Breathing Air Panels are the optimal solution when Grade D breathing air is required. The complete system includes 3-Stage filtration system, carbon monoxide alarm, CO monitor calibration with Autocal®.

Air Lubrication Kit for drum pumps

Drum pumps and agitators have moving parts within them that pull the chemical from the drum to be pushed downstream. These moving parts require a small amount of lubrication to prevent wear and tear on the system. By installing a Lubrication Kit at the point-of-use, the equipment will work better and last longer.