Clean, Dry Air for the Professional Body Shop

Eliminate moisture, dirt and particulates from your air system with premium air filtration and drying equipment from Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions. Recommended by the industry's leading paint manufacturers, Tsunami technology provides the highest quality compressed air available for professional coatings.

There are so many variables in pro finishing, clean air shouldn't be one of them.

The effects humidity, oil, and contaminants in your compressed air system have on the quality of your paint job is often overlooked. Over half of all paint finish issues can be attributed to the quality of your compressed air. How can you tell? Low gloss, hazing, cratering, dye back, and fish eye; these are very common defects which are directly related to the compressed air. Some can be seen right away while others may not present themselves until after the bake cycle, or, up to several days later.

All the unseen contaminants in the air surrounding your compressor are drawn in and concentrated through the compression process. Now add a little bit of oil from the compressor lubrication and your air system is ready to set your quality finishes up for failure. All the water vapor, oils, and dirt particles impact the performance of your paint system and the professional finishes you are expecting. Taking the necessary steps to provide very clean, very dry compressed air helps eliminate many of these risk factors responsible for poor paint jobs. Regardless of which paint system is used, solvent or waterborne, humidity and contamination greatly affect flash time and finish performance. Longer flash times can hinder the quality work you expect and delay production. High humidity and long flash time can affect the appearance of pearls and metallic, panel blends, etc. Clean, dry air is critical to your performance!

Comparative technologies

When examining the best option for a shop or paint booth, it is important to understand the different air drying technologies and their performance. Comparative dryers like desiccant pots and refrigerant dryers show promising results, but fail when faced against large surges of air and/or longer operating times. In desiccant pots, the media will reach a point of saturation where it can no longer remove the water vapor and the beads must be replaced. Refrigerant dryers fail when large surges of air pull the air too quickly through the system; not allowing the coolant to cool the air down to it’s dew point. Tsunami regenerative dryers use multiple canisters of desiccant that regenerate using sweep air and perform consistently despite ambient temperatures. This means consistently clean, dry air for the entire shop.

Tsunami Compressed Air SOLUTIONS


Tsunami Pure-5T Regenerative Dryer_WEB.png
Economical Point-of-Use Dryer

Small but mighty, the Tsunami Pure-5T provides clean, dry air at the point of use for the painter. The Pure-5T comes with a 1-gallon storage tank to mximize laminar air flow.

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For the Entire Shop

Tsunami Ultra Series Dryers are the biggest, best, all-in-one-bang-for-your-buck dryers in the lineup. For the only dryer you'll ever need, invest in a Tsunami Ultra Series Dryer.

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Tsunami Rove Regenerative Mobile Dryer_WEB.png
Keep it Rolling

Get clean, dry air anywhere with the Tsunami Rove. Desinged to give users ultimate mobility, this dryer provdies Tsunami's world class air quality in a portable package.

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When you upgrade to Tsunami, you take the guesswork out of compressed air. Our luxury line of filtration and drying products are designed to supply the highest quality air in environments where others cannot. Whether protecting your employees with our Grade D Breathable Air Systems or relying on ultra dry air for spraying today’s complex waterborne paints, Tsunami systems provide consistent and professional results; every car, every time.

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