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Custom Lubrication Systems


Custom Oil & Grease Systems

Design | Manufacture | Assemble

Engineered to provide precise distribution of greases and lubricants with outstanding reliability, our custom lubrication and greasing systems help you increase fuel economy, minimize downtime, and extend product life.

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LubeMinder Schematic

why automatic lubrication?

Every LubeMinder solution provides fast and convenient access to all zerk points, saving time and effort. These custom solutions offer numerous benefits to OEMs and end consumers.

  • Assures proper lubrication for all critical grease locations. 
  • Smoother operation and longer machine life.
  • Maximizes machine value at trade-in.
  • Better performance of equipment..
  • Save on labor costs.

Our Approach for Custom Lubrication

With a custom approach that begins with a thorough evaluation of your equipment by a qualified engineer, we custom tailor each system to satisfy the specific requirements of an individual machine or piece of equipment. Using customized fittings and optimal distribution system layout, we ensure all critical locations receive the proper lubrication at the desired rate.

LubeMinder Custom Grease Systems

Our Experience in Integrated Systems

We've designed and implemented custom lubrication systems for the U.S Navy, concrete industry, municipalities, agriculture, and construction industries.

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Our capabilities for injecting lubricants

Our lube systems can pump any lubricant or material, no matter the level of viscosity, with any volume. Custom systems designed by our engineers are reliable for providing the perfect amount of lubricant, at the right time.

Injector and Progressive Grease Systems_LubeMinder

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Factory Built Lubrication in the USA

Our integrated solutions are built in our Minnesota factory in by experienced technicians who place extreme emphasis on quality. For more information about our custom lubrication and greasing systems, contact us!

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