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Compressed air filters & air dryers

Superior compressed air starts with Tsunami.

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compressed air dryers

energy-efficient desiccant air dryers

Desiccant air dryers from Tsunami are the preferred choice for businesses needing clean, dry  air for their operations. Our dryers use advanced moisture removal technology and come equipped with pre-filters to eliminate humidity and remove particulates, water and oils.

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Tsunami PURE 5_21999-1105

Point-of-Use Air Dryers

Small but mighty, the Tsunami Pure Series line of dryers provide clean, dry air for air demand ranging from 5 CFM to 120 CFM.

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For the Entire Shop

No, that's not a compressor in the photo; it's a dry air storage tank! Feed your entire shop with Tsunami air using an Ultra Dryer.

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CORE Dryer-1_web-1

Single Tower Air Dryer

For intermittent, lower pressure point-of-use applications, like automotive painting and coatings.

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compressed air filters

high-efficiency industrial air filters

Tsunami's line of compressed air filters are hand-crafted with the finest materials for a perfect performance every time. Explore our inline air filters and package combos to remove liquid water, bulk oils and particulates.

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21999-1034 120 CFM Water Separator_web bucket

The Best Water Separator

Got water?

Our Tsunami Water Separator is known for it's premium performance and minimal servicing. It really is the best.

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Tsunami 2 stage filter with regulator 50 CFM 21999-0253 WEB-1

Two Stage Filter Separator

Our two-stage filter package includes a water separator, oil coalescing filter and an air regulator. Get clean, oil free air at the point-of-use.

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Tsunami 3 stage filter package with regulator 50 CFM 21999-0257-1

Three Stage Filter Package

You can have it all with our three stage air filter package. Removes liquid water, particulate, oils and oil aerosols. The third-stage activated carbon filter removes odors and VOCs.

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Tsunami Accessories_Category Page

Air Compressor accessories

perfect parts for a perfect system

Enhance your application with premium compressed air accessories from Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions.

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automatic compressor drain valve_Tsunami 21999-0177 Electronic Drain Valve w shadow

Automatic Drains

Automatic drains assure timely and effective draining for your air system.


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General Parts & Accessories

From air monitoring equipment to service parts, Tsunami provides all the parts you need for our system.

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Tsunami Ultra-Flo Spray Hose - 1

Ultra-Flo Spray Hose

This extremely lightweight spray hose comes with a proprietary internal lining that will not break down from heat exposure.

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custom filtration systems

build your dream air treatment system

Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions, division of Suburban Manufacturing Group, is the manufacturer of our own premium air drying and filtration products. Our in-house manufacturing expertise allows us to produce custom and private labeled compressed air products for your company.

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Our Promise

Simple. Better. Tsunami.

At Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions, We understand the cost for cutting corners. That's why we take every measure possible to design compressed air treatment products that eliminate problems caused from a poor air supply. With Tsunami, businesses can focus on adding long-term value and avoid the pitfalls associated with low up-front cost alternatives.

Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions LOGO PANTONE

made in the usa

Handcrafted for perfection

Our Minnesota facility is where the magic happens. It's the birthplace of Tsunami products, where we pour our heart and soul into crafting each and every item to perfection. With our in-house manufacturing operations, we not only achieve our high standard of performance and durability but also ensure that innovation and quality are at the core of everything we create.

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The Portable Pure-5T is fantastic! It is exactly what you need for for challenging an air supply problem. I used it for an install and proved to the customer that it was their poor air quality causing the poor paint job.
Ted Swan
Sherwin-Williams Automotive Tech Rep
It been a year since we talked and I ordered from you, your Model 150-4 Auto Oiler Kit to install on my 2002 Gehl 2480 Round Baler. The install was straight forward and it works great.
Dennis Widdifield
For over 8 years Tsunami has taken care of all of my needs and your customer service has been off the charts! I can’t express enough how appreciative I have been throughout the years and value our simple business relationship.
Tyler Graham
Ron's Automotive Collision Center