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Automatic Oiling Systems

LubeMinder® offers a robust lubrication system. Machined with premium materials and using a simple deign, the LubeMinder® Automatic Oiler has passed the test for the most rugged ambient conditions and is extremely versatile.

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Standard & Configured Automatic Oiling Kits

With an automatic oiling system, equipment and machinery can operate more efficiency and eliminate downtime for repairs and maintenance.

Oiling Pumps & Components

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We offer configured lubrication systems. Define your lubrication requirements and our engineers will configure an automatic oiling system fitted for your application. These units are built-to-order for OEMs and large projects.

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Why automatic lubrication?

Automatic oilers are essential to keep operations and machines running consistently. Without an industrial oiling system, machinery is more prone to breaking down due to debris getting trapped in chains, gears, sprockets, and joints. Oil aids in keeping gears in optimal shape and not allowing premature wear or degradation.

Prolongs Equipment Life

Extend equipment longevity by lubricating points at the right time, with the right amount of oil, while in motion.

Reduce Downtime & Repairs

Lengthen time between maintenance intervals and prevent downtime during critical harvest periods.

Prevent Friction

Minimize premature wear and corrosion by constantly adding a protective layer of lubricant.


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