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Centralized Grease Banks

Centralized grease banks


The Grease Minder system routes all grease lines to a centralized location so you can lubricate critical zerk points with a standard grease gun in a timely fashion. Without proper lubrication, machinery will not run efficiently and will eventually break down. The Grease Minder allows for fast, convenient, and easy access to all zerk points, with no need to spend time crawling under and around equipment. The LubeMinder® grease systems are custom engineered for a variety of manufacturer equipment models.

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Key features and benefits: 
  • Can be operated with a standard grease gun.
  • Assures proper lubrication for all critical grease locations. 
  • Smoother operation and longer machine life.
  • Maximizes machine value at trade-in.
  • Better performance: centralized grease bank assures all critical locations receive proper lubrication in an efficient manner.
  • Longer machine life: properly followed maintenance programs mean longer machine life and more money back at trade-in. 
  • Save on labor costs: save up to 30 minutes on labor daily – operator never has to crawl around equipment again. 
  • Made in America.
Grease Minder cleaned