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LubeMinder® Unveils New Capabilities for Custom Grease Systems

LubeMinder® Unveils New Capabilities for Custom Grease Systems

LubeMinder® Expands it's custom grease systems capabilities For 2024

LubeMinder® Oil and Grease Systems is announcing its expanded capabilities in custom grease systems for the start of 2024. At LubeMinder®, we are constantly enhancing our technology for OEMs so we can be the industry's reliable lubrication systems partner. For over 40 years, we have been innovating our systems to meet and exceed industry standards while giving you the exceptional professional expertise required to stay ahead of the curve.

Our grease systems redefine lubrication excellence, and are a testament to our dedication in creating innovative products the industry can rely on; for the last four decades, and decades to come."

-  Mike May, Product Manager CPM, LubeMinder

We take our lubrication systems seriously. It's important to have a system designed to fit your needs perfectly with no hassle - which is why we have expanded our product offering.

Our Expanded Grease Systems Product Line

For our grease systems line, we now offer:

  • Electric Grease Pumps
  • Hydraulic Grease Pumps
  • Additional Pump Accessories
    • Pump Controller
    • Pumping Element
    • Pressure Gauges
    • Filling Options
    • Reservoirs
    • Wiring Controller
  • Series Progressive: Monoblocks
  • Single Line Parallel: Injectors
  • System Accessories

Automatic Grease Systems Designed to Last

We offer a premium line-up of grease systems known for their reliability and options to fit your industry and application. From series progressive to single line parallel, our grease systems are designed to keep your equipment up and running at an affordable cost and with more efficiency compared to manual grease alternatives. The industries our grease pumps are built for is vast - so we have a solution for your needs. Here are a few of the systems we have for you:

Lubeminder® Automatic Electronic Grease Pump

Auto grease systems use an electrically actuated grease pump to send grease at specific intervals automatically. This is to grease zerk fittings properly, reduce the noise coming from your application, reduce maintenance, extend the life of your equipment, and prevent wear and tear with a layer of grease.

Our system efficiently distributes oil or grease to lubricate machine friction points. With divider blocks ranging from 3 to 24 outlets, it guarantees a correct discharge for each point. It is ideal for automatic grease lubrication in industrial machines and serves as a reliable chassis lubrication pump for various vehicles. With our progressive dividers, you can automate the centralization of over three hundred greasing points using just one grease pump.

System Benefits:

  • Dependable system designed to resist harsh job site environments
  • Extends equipment life with automatic lubrication to all desired zerk fittings
  • Lengthens time between maintenance intervals for labor cost savings
  • Prevents corrosion, friction and rust by adding a protective layer of grease
  • Supported by our world-class customer service and sales support

Lubeminder® Automatic Hydraulic Grease Pump

Hydraulic grease systems use a hydraulic pilot signal to activate the piston in the pump. With the use of a hydraulic pilot signal, the piston pushes grease at higher pressures than electric or manual lubrication systems.

System Benefits:

  • Extends life of bearings, bushings, pins, and gears by 2-3x
  • Wide variety of components available to design any system
  • Requires no electricity - controlled by borrows hydraulic system
  • Provides grease output 2-1 hydraulic pilot signal
  • No mess, easy change out bellows
  • Fill with OEM grease requirements
  • Custom designed system
  • Made in the USA

get started with lubeminder®

Ready for your new solution? With new advancements in mobile and industrial equipment, we created greasing systems designed to help manufacturers reduce downtime and increase productivity. Our goal is to ensure manufacturers have systems that can make industrial equipment and tools last, and make them easier to maintain for lower spending costs. No matter the industry, we have the grease solution.

To learn more and start designing your own custom system, contact our LubeMinder® expert professionals. We can't wait to help you create the perfect custom grease system.