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No Flow? How to Prime the Pump for Your LubeMinder Automatic Oiler

No Flow? How to Prime the Pump for Your LubeMinder Automatic Oiler

Whether your LubeMinder Automatic Oiler is new or has seen good use, it's important to maintain your oiling system. While doing maintenance, it's imperative you use the proper techniques to avoid trapping any air in the system while refilling the oil.

In this article, we will discuss:

  1. Why There's No Flow
  2. How to Prime the Pump
    1. Prime the Pump: Method #1
    2. Prime the Pump: Method #2
  3. Primed Perfection

Why there's no flow

In most cases, the lack of oil flowing through the lines is due to a trapped air pocket inside the pump. The good news is this can be easily avoided by first priming the pump.

If it is the first time using your automatic oiler, you need to be sure to fill the reservoir with the correct amount of oil to create a great flow. If there is not enough oil, the automatic oiler will be damaged. Too much oil, and there will be a tremendous amount of head pressure, trapping air in the pump, and not allowing the air to escape back up into the reservoir.

Rule of thumb: check your reservoir after each use to ensure your LubeMinder Automatic Oiler is ready for the task at hand. This will avoid any breakdowns and unwanted downtime.


How to Prime the Pump

There are two methods you can choose to prime the pump. The one for you depends on if there is oil added to the reservoir yet, or not.

Method #1: Oil has been added to the Reservoir

  1. Before you begin, ensure the unit is not pumping.
  2. Pour ½ quart of oil into the reservoir. An air bubble is now trapped within the pump.
  3. To release the air bubble, purge the pump by unscrewing 1 manifold or plug.
  4. Wait for oil to come out of the orifice.
  5. Re-insert the manifold/NPT plug and tighten. This allows the air to escape the system. 

    Once the pump has been purged, operation can begin again.


Method #2: Oil Has not Been added to the reservoir Yet

  1. Before you begin, be sure the unit is not pumping.
  2. Pour 1/8 cup of oil into the reservoir (the key is to not fill too much because it will cause head pressure).
  3. Let the oil trickle down the hose to the pump.The air bubbles from the pump will travel back up the hose and the pump will prime itself.
  4. Wait a few minutes to allow all the air to escape before filling the reservoir with the remaining oil.



Primed Perfection

Using either of these methods will achieve the same result: a properly primed pump ready to work. For more product information, view the Complete Product Guide. If you have any questions, reach out to our team at lubeminder.com or at 800-782-5752.

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