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Suburban Manufacturing was built on a desire to satisfy needs and solve problems. Read our testimonials to see how our products have helped clients do their jobs more efficiently, with safety and quality as top priorities. 


The Portable Pure-5T is fantastic! It is exactly what you need for for challenging an air supply problem. I used it for an install and proved to the customer that it was their poor air quality causing the poor paint job.

Ted Swan – Sherwin-Williams Automotive Tech Rep - Tsunami Customer

For over 8 years Tsunami has taken care of all of my needs and your customer service has been off the charts! I can’t express enough how appreciative I have been throughout the years and value our simple business relationship.

Tyler Graham – Ron's Automotive Collision Center - Tsunami Customer

Lubeminder has worked flawlessly for 5 years. Had a little debris preventing the check ball from seating this year. Easy disassembly and cleaning. Working 100 percent again. Thank you for the over the phone instructions.

Jeff Sheen - LubeMinder Customer

The Tsunami air dryer system has completely removed all condensation that stays trapped inside our compressor, lines and plumbing system which has substantially and completely changed the game for us. We now have a more clean airflow path as we spray Cerakote onto our clients custom firearms. Before not having the Tsunami system it was a huge headache and pain In the butt having water in our system in which resulted in our air guns having water spit out over and over, buying cheap filters was not a solution. Finally after making a great investment I can now happily say there’s a solution to every problem! Thank you Suburban Manufacturing on directing me with Air compressor direct which provided and awesome customer service which was a good experience! I will be a returning client for my next shop!

Xavier Hernandez – X Artillery Custom - Tsunami Customer

Not only does Ready Wrap provide the protection you rely on in sub-zero temps, it also acts like a can cooler in the summer months. Best part, wrapped up with 2 guys in 20 minutes; elbows and all.

Josh Monson – Greater Lakes Concrete Pumping Inc. - Python Customer

We have been finding a 10% gain during the cold weather on our material! We have also found that we aren’t pushing our machines as hard as we did before which is ALWAYS good!

One thing that we didn’t really consider with them would be the ease of pulling hose for a job. The first day that our first rig had them on, our sprayer had to pull 200ft of hose through mud to get to the barn. He said that normally he would have to put the old hose on cardboard/fiberglass to keep it from sinking in and making a mess - the sidewinders were able to be pulled through the mud and he used his pressure washer on them as he wound them back in.

Absolutely everything about these have exceeded any and all expectations that we have had. We’ve now purchased 200’ kits for all three of our rigs, and I can’t thank you enough!

Evan Frank – Eco-Comfort Insealating - Python Customer

We've installed a Tsunami CMM salvation package on a Zeiss CMM. It's operating as designed and functioning properly. Thank you for developing such a world class product.

Joe Bohler – Haberman Machine - Tsunami Customer

It been a year since we talked and I ordered from you, your Model 150-4 Auto Oiler Kit to install on my 2002 Gehl 2480 Round Baler. The install was straight forward and it works great. It is one of the best accessory equipment items I have ever bought and added to anything. Once you see it working and what the drive chains look like auto oiled you become a believer.

Dennis Widdifield – Genivar - LubeMinder Customer