Quality is Everything.

Our clients trust our products in critical applications, where hydraulic hose protection keeps workers safe and quality compressed air is the difference between a well-finished paint job and an angry customer. In a competitive market that promises better, cheaper, faster performance, Suburban Manufacturing delivers quality. We provide practical, reliable, versatile products backed by our commitment to excellence. 

Suburban Manufacturing Group is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with a facility designed to provide quality assurance you can trust—for any project you bring us. 

Our 50,000 square foot facility features machining centers, turning lathes, horizontal and vertical mills, sewing equipment, work cells, and test stands. We also have a 5,000 square foot isolated assembly and test area and a medical assembly line certified for oxygen use. State-of-the-art software systems include SolidWorks computer-aided design and engineering. With production enhancement technology like our multi-axis CNC machining centers, live tooling, robotic loaders, automated bar feeds, and high-speed pallet changers, we’ve been able to streamline processes and shorten lead times for our clients. We work with a variety of materials from standard metals and high performance alloys to fiberglass and plastics to produce components with dimensions of up to 19” x 30” and precision tolerances up to .0001”. 

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