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Day in the Life: From Sewing Machine Operator to Engineer Technician

Suburban Manufacturing Group understands the value in promoting from within; which is why we invest in the necessary education and training to advance our employees both personally and professionally. One thing we've learned is the power in promoting our existing employees who embody perseverance and live-out our core values.

We recently sat down with someone who has done just that. Nelly A. has been with Suburban Manufacturing Group for nearly five years. Within the last year, she has taken on a new role: Engineer Technician.


Nelly Alvarado, Engineer Technician at Suburban Manufacturing Group


What brought you to Suburban Manufacturing Group? My mom worked here a while back and always spoke very highly of the company. Soon after she moved away, she encouraged me to apply. One day, I showed up at front and asked to fill out an application. Shortly after that, I got a call from HR and I started to work here two weeks after that!


How did you become an Engineer Technician? I’ve been trusted to perform this position because the experience in manufacturing that I acquired by working in the SWS Department. I started as a Sewing Machine Operator, then got promoted to Sewing Lead. This allowed me to get more involved in the manufacturing process and to grow my interest in the design of products. I am currently in school pursuing an associate degree in Engineering since I discovered this is the area I enjoy the most.


"building relationships with suppliers helps me to assist the design and development of products."


Nelly at Desk


What does your day to day job entail? As an Engineer Technician, I assist the Design Engineer in the creation of prototypes and choosing the right application for a project. Assisting the manufacturing personal is key during my day; often you can find me helping developing processes and building instructions in how to sew a part or use a new machine. Besides general office duties, building relationships with suppliers helps me to assist the design and development of products that later are introduced to the SWS Department. Troubleshooting machinery and inspecting products are also part of my day-to-day duties and I enjoy it.

What do you enjoy most about your role? The different solutions that, as a company, we can offer to the customer and how this impacts the life and performance of their machinery and more.


"The company culture makes me feel comfortable and encourages me to keep achieving goals and growing within the company."


What do you enjoy about working at Suburban? I enjoy the work-life balance that I can have while working in the company. The company culture makes me feel comfortable and encourages me to keep achieving goals and growing within the company.


How do you see yourself growing with Suburban? As the company grows bringing new customers in and new projects, I want to be part of the same growth. I would like continue being a part of the development of new products. These solutions give the customer the ability of have a better performance with products of high quality and reliability.


What golden piece of advice would you give to anyone thinking of becoming an Engineer Technician? I would say that practice makes perfect, whether you are new to sewing or have some experience, there is always something new to learn. Stay positive and always look for different ways to do something, we never stop learning. At Suburban, there is always something new so keeping an open and positive mind is the key!


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