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Suburban MFG Breaks Ground on 20,000 Sq-Ft Expansion

Suburban MFG Breaks Ground on 20,000 Sq-Ft Expansion

Suburban Manufacturing Group (SMG) broke ground on September 28th for the company’s new 21,400-square-foot expansion. The addition will join the existing 40,300-square-foot facility located at 10531 Dalton Avenue in Monticello, Minnesota.


Pictured: Todd Lorsung, Rick Barger (COO), Mary Barger & Brad Barger (Founders & Board Members), Chase Marshall (CEO) pose for groundbreaking photo.

From local success, to global dominion

For over 40 years, Suburban Manufacturing Group has served customers far and wide within the fluid power industry. What started has a small job shop, has blossomed into a multi-million dollar manufacturing corporation -- serving markets across the globe with it's three brands:

With large growth comes large responsibility! To continue meeting the demands of our valued customers, Suburban is adding a 21,400 square-foot expansion.

This expansion allows SMG to broaden its manufacturing capabilities with a continued investment in the newest technology across the machining, sewing, and assembly divisions.

Suburban Manufacturing’s CEO, Chase Marshall, shared, “We’re focusing on automation and vertical integration to support the domestic and international growth for Tsunami, Python, and LubeMinder products.”  

Looking forward

The expansion, scheduled to be completed in spring 2023, will provide the necessary space to grow the custom sewing, assembly, and machining departments. A section of the new space will also be allocated for inventory to stay consistent with their philosophy of reduced lead times. Not to mentions:

  • Increased production capacity for branded products
  • Enhanced supply chain control to support larger customers
  • Investment in the latest automation technology and machinery
  • Job creation to further support the local economy

“Upon completion, we’ll also be taking advantage of the opportunity to improve our stock mix to support our large OEM customers,” Marshall stated.

Suburban Manufacturing Group, a longtime contributor of the local community, continues to grow as a leader in fluid power technology worldwide.

Suburban is Hiring_Image

Negen and Associates, based in St Cloud MN, is the contractor for the highly anticipated project.

About Suburban

Since 1979, our company has been on a mission to solve the nuances of fluid power. What started as a contract machining company, has grown into a multi-brand manufacturing company spanning over 60,000 square feet in Monticello, Minnesota.

Suburban Manufacturing Group is shaping the future through listening, learning, and solving to create a fluid power world where every business has the opportunity to achieve its fullest potential. Wherever you hope to take your future, Suburban Manufacturing Group has the grit and versatility to get you there. Learn more about Suburban >>>