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American Manufacturing Solutions Save Time, Improves Reliability

American Manufacturing Solutions Save Time, Improves Reliability

Supply and demand are fluid, and now that we have experienced COVID uncertainty, we know just how long it can take to return to a more stable and predictable level.  

That’s why it’s more sensible than ever to choose American manufacturing solutions – shorter supply chains mean fewer delays.


A joint survey involving Forbes, Xometry, and John Zogby Strategies found that in Q1 of 2023, 82% of CEOs surveyed were prioritizing onshoring, compared to 55% in Q4 of 2022. Optimism in American manufacturing and a focus on modernizing operations combine to provide incentives to return to manufacturing in the U.S. Robotics and artificial intelligence are heavily influencing optimism and reprioritizing efforts. 


Beyond just cost savings for businesses, there’s also potential for increased reliability. With American-made products, you can be sure that what you’re getting is of the highest quality and will last through the years. This reliability not only helps businesses save money in the long run, but also allows them to serve their customers better. 


3 Reasons to Purchase from Product Companies in the USA

Overseas outsourcing – particularly through shipping channels that can become blocked or backlogged – can significantly impact lead times for your company. 


Production that is based in the U.S. can provide three significant benefits: 

  1. Faster Delivery: Purchasing products manufactured in the U.S. means the source is physically closer and almost certainly less prone to inclement weather and political conflicts. This ensures that critical parts or products are delivered on time, increasing reliability and decreasing downtime.

  2. Quality Control: Manufacturers based in the U.S. are subject to rigorous quality-control measures to ensure that products adhere to certain standards. These products are often regarded as higher-quality and more reliable than those from other countries, decreasing the likelihood of malfunction or failure.

  3. Avoidance of Language & Cultural Barriers: When purchasing products manufactured overseas, language and time zone barriers can cause delays and misunderstandings that impact product delivery timeframes. Often, communication issues can lead to incorrect product requests or poor order fulfillment. U.S.-based manufacturers can minimize such barriers by providing local support, making it easier to address questions and concerns in real time.


Are American-Made Products Higher-Quality? 

While the answer to this question is mostly situational, it bears noting that American-made products are generally required to meet stricter quality standards than products manufactured in other countries. Therefore, it is generally accepted that American-made products are of higher quality


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Suburban Manufacturing: Providing Quality in 4 Categories

Heavy-duty and high-reliability operations need an equally reliable supply chain to keep production moving. Suburban Manufacturing provides reliability to a variety of industries and in a variety of product categories. The difference is knowledge and experience – right when you need it. 


Product Development

Suburban Contract Manufacturing

Those in need of complex and precise filtration, drying, or lubrication systems can often benefit from a turnkey solution. Our experienced staff provides full-service designing and machining from the idea to the final product. However, if you have a design already, our engineers can assist using SolidWorks technology. 


Working stateside with a true manufacturing partner promotes proficiency and innovation. We work hard to find a better way, and once we find that solution, we put advanced technology to work – the kind you won’t find at a cheap job shop overseas.


The best machine shops in the USA offer:

  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Boring
  • Turning
  • Threading
  • Tapping
  • Internal forming
  • Knurling
  • Counterboring
  • Countersinking


We also offer rapid cycle times, providing quality and productivity-enhancing features such as:

  • Robotic loaders
  • Automated bar feeds
  • Live tooling
  • High-speed pallet changers



Python Protective Sleeves + Covers, a division of Suburban Manufacturing, offers experience and innovation. Our team is experienced in and enjoys creating new parts and learning new things. 


With our ISO 9001:2015 certification, we ensure you can use your new products with confidence.


Python offers lean manufacturing to help figure out the best solution for the customer’s production needs. This process extends to a variety of industries, including: 

  • Heavy industrial
  • Military & defense
  • Power sports
  • Agriculture
  • Oil & gas
  • Construction


tsunami custom endless capabilites_pure 5 parts_black


Suburban is the manufacturer of Tsunami dryers and filtration. We aim to provide you with the ideal compressed air setup, designing systems that remove liquids, vapors, particulates, and more.


We do not private label products from other manufacturers for our own sales inventory. However, we do offer private labels for your company.  


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Our products provide clean, compressed air for multiple industries, including: 

  • Spray foam
  • Dust collection
  • Automotive finishing
  • Food & beverage
  • Manufacturing


Customization is key to matching a solution to your operation, and it’s much easier with a long-term relationship with a U.S. compressed air system manufacturer. Our engineers can modify and design custom air treatment configurations to meet your air demands.


lubeminder custom OEM oil and grease systems


LubeMinder has access to a variety of trusted suppliers and vendors for downstream components of a system. In addition, over 40 years of experience in automatic lubrication systems means we can pinpoint the correct solution for your situation. 


LubeMinder's custom solutions also provide many benefits to both OEMs and end consumers, including: 

  • Better performance 
  • Smoother operation 
  • Longer machine life 


Made-in-USA Industrial Manufacturing Means Moving Forward

Shorter supply chains mean more reasonable and reliable time frames for customer delivery. Working with companies that manufacture products in the U.S. is a logical step toward lower costs and improved quality.


Give Back Time & Remain Future-Focused

Suburban offers American manufacturing solutions for dry air, avoiding pinhole leaks, and much more. If the answer isn’t available or is too slow to come from overseas, homegrown custom solutions can meet your needs. Read up on Suburban’s contract manufacturing services to learn more.