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Automatic Oil Lubrication System: Q&A

Automatic Oil Lubrication System: Q&A

Oil lubrication is the key to keeping equipment and machinery running efficiently and smoothly - which is why having an automatic oil system installed to your equipment is a must. When looking for the perfect oiling system for the job, it's normal to have some questions about its capabilities, benefits, and general function.

By having an oiling system installed to your equipment, maintenance and repair costs decrease significantly. We know how important it is to have a reliable system designed to keep the job on schedule. The solution to worn down gears and sprockets at LubeMinder® is our Automatic Oiler.

Here are the most common questions we get about our oiling system, and the answers you are looking for.

Common Automatic Oil System Questions

Why Should I oil all of my chains and sprockets?

There are six reasons why you should lubricate your chains:

  1. Decrease friction and wearing between the moving parts.
  2. Increase chain life by 3x and eliminate everyday maintenance.
  3. Oils chains and sprockets automatically when they are warm and running.
  4. Decrease downtime while increasing operational benefits; chain breakage only happens when you are operating.
  5. Increase fuel economy, better lubrication means less resistance.
  6. Convenience, you never have to leave your cab to oil your chains and sprockets.

How can the LubeMinder® Automatic Oiler Increase the life of my chains and sprockets?

The LubeMinder® applies oil when the chain is warm and running. This is the best time to apply lubricant because you get the proper penetration. Consistent oiling maximizes the amount of debris cleaned off the chain while it disperses the oil to the pin bushing joint to help eliminate chain stretch.

Lubeminder yellow brush on chain


Is the LubeMinder® Automatic Oiler adjustable?

Yes. Simply turning the brass adjustment screw will modify the oil dispensing rate to fit your specific operating conditions.


How long Does a full reservoir last?

On average, the two-quart reservoir will last approximately 8 hours. This rate will vary by the way you adjust the pumps dispensing rate and the number of cycles your equipment uses.


What does a LubeMinder® Automatic Oiler kit contain?

The LubeMinder® has all parts needed to install on round balers, combines, mower-conditioners, shredder attachments, and other equipment. Even the drill bit to drill the correctly-sized holes comes in the kit. All you add is your own tools. You also need to purchase two quarts of the appropriate SAE chain oil for your conditions.

LubeMinder Pump_Updated_blog

What type of oil should I use?

The type of oil is as important as the method of application. Most chain manufacturers recommend a good grade of clean petroleum chain oil without additives. Additives generally leave a varnish or gum residue which prevents oil from penetrating the chain joints. The highest viscosity oils flow best between the chain link plates, filling the pin-bushing areas, providing the best wear life. The following table identifies lubricant viscosity recommended for various temperatures.

20-40°F 40-100°F 100-120°F 120-140°F

How does the LubeMinder® Automatic Oiler cycle?

LubeMinder® Hydraulic Oiler cycles by tying into any double-acting hydraulic cylinder on your equipment. For example, on a round baler use the cylinder which opens and closes the tailgate. On a mower-conditioner, use the cylinder which raises and lowers the cutting head. On a combine, you would use the cylinder which swings the unloader auger back and forth.

LubeMinder® Pneumatic Oiler cycles by utilizing a pilot signal and is controlled by a timer. The time/controller requires 60+ PSI to actuate.


Does the LubeMinder® Automatic Oiler use hydraulic fluid?

It uses hydraulic fluid only to actuate the LubeMinder® pump within a closed system. The Pneumatic LubeMinder® Kit does not require hydraulic fluid to actuate and instead requires a pneumatic pilot signal.


Still have questions? Ask an oil lubrication expert

We understand choosing an automatic oil lubrication can be a difficult process with lots of things to consider regarding your equipment. If you want to know if LubeMinder® systems are right for you, or if you have a general lubrication inquiry - give us a call! With over 40 years of experience, our professionals are here to help answer your questions, offer guidance, and provide additional information.

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