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Air Dryer & Filtration System for Spray Foam Rigs

Air Dryer & Filtration System for Spray Foam Rigs


Got foam?

In recent years, Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions has grown into new markets and provided countless solutions for patrons dealing with compressed air on the job site. One market, the spray foam market, has seen a spike in sales as awareness for clean, dry air in the air supply becomes more pertinent for increasing longevity of the equipment, spraying longer, and protecting profits.

  1. Why invest in an air drying system for spray foam?
  2. The spray foam solution


Why invest in an air drying system for your spray foam rig?

In the spray foam industry, contractors rely on compressed air to operate the drum pump that pushes the two chemicals to the gun; where they meet and “foam” at the tip. Having clean, dry air is crucial in this process for the drum pumps. Any time you have contamination, water, oil, oil additives from compressors, and particulates, you can start to damage those drum pumps. Degradation in the motor housings will take place and require the motor to be replaced.

Spray Foam Application

On the other end of the process, the spray gun, the same compressed air is used to purge the mixing chamber; freeing the gun of chemicals in between spray intervals. Any dirt, oils, and particulates will gunk up the chamber and require cleaning between jobs costing the contractor more down time.

The cleaner and drier the air for spray foam applications, the better. In the spray foam world, it makes a huge difference to have very clean and dry air.


The Tsunami Solution

To ensure clean, dry air for spraying equipment, contractors can trust premium air drying & filtration equipment from Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions. Installing a Tsunami Drying System eliminates variables during critical jobs; making operators more capable, more reputable and better suited for the job.

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  • Increase Material Yield by blocking liquids, contaminates, and humidity from exiting your compressor and entering the air system.
  • Prolong Gun Maintenance Intervals with the prevention of dirt, oils, and liquids from contaminating the mixing chamber.
  • Extend Transfer Pump & Agitator Life with the elimination of corrosion within the internal components of pumps and agitators brought on by contaminates trapped in the air supply.
  • Increase Re-Sale Value of equipment with clean, longer lasting, equipment.

Designed to be compatible with any spray foam rig, Tsunami Air Dryers are the solution for spray foam contractors looking to increase the performance of their air systems. Contact a Tsunami expert today to learn more about how our solutions can level up your spray foam rig.