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Compressed air is a versatile utility in the wood working and finishing industry. From protecting your air assisted airless pump to a flawless final coating, clean compressed air is required throughout the process and plays a vital role in your shop by improving the final output and decreasing operational  and maintenance costs.

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Compressed Air for Wood Finishing

In wood working operations, compressed air plays a vital role in creating consistent finishes on each product and ensuring machinery is running at peak efficiency.

Clean and Prep

Before applying wood finishes, the wood surface needs to be properly cleaned and prepared. Shops rely on compressed air to blow away dust, dirt, and debris to create the best surface for the wood. By using clean air, shops can ensure the blow-off cleans the surfaces so there aren't any additional oils and moisture on the wood; these contaminants are known to carry over from air compressors if not properly dried.


Applying the Finish

Compressed air acts as the propellant to push the solvents and varnishes onto the wood surfaces. The cleanliness of the air will determine the quality of the finish and the longevity of the spraying equipment. Air motors will gunk up and lose efficiency if dirty compressed air is used; with the help of compressed air filters applied to the dryer, the finish will be speck-free and wow customers on the quality.


Drying and Cleaning

Sometimes compressed air is used to accelerate the drying process when deemed necessary. Air guns blow over the freshly coated surface to help evaporate solvents and speed up the curing of the finish. Compressed air may also be required at the end of a work day to remove residual finish and solvents from the equipment.


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why does wood working need clean, dry air?

Often overlooked, is the cleanliness of the air being used. Compressed air contains the dirt, oils and water that exists in the ambient air inside your shop. As this air is pulled into the compressor, the contaminates and moisture build up in the tank and travel through the air line. These contaminants can damage your equipment and the final product itself.


How compressed air becomes contaminated

Compressed air becomes contaminated in a few different ways:

  • Moisture filled air can be pulled into the compressor

  • Dirty, ambient air can enter the air compressor

  • Most compressors may release small amounts of oil; the more use they get, the higher chance oil will run through

  • Rust and corrosion from the air pipes

By installing a Tsunami dryer just before the air pump, wood shops will notice better finishes and extended life from their equipment.


How bad air effects your wood working operations

A poor air supply poses as a silent killer for your equipment, and wallet. The top three impacts of a poor air supply include:

  • Dramatically reduces the lifespan of your equipment from corrosion and sediment build-up

  • Impacts the final finishes on your product by propelling dirt and oils onto the wood

  • Wastes energy and increases operational costs through the loss of equipment efficiency


Up to 50% of air pump replacements are due to premature wear caused by contaminated compressed air.

Air motors and pumps are sensitive pieces of equipment. When they are exposed to oils and debris, they will wear out quickly and need to be replaced. This can add up for any shop looking to operate efficiently and inexpensively.

chose tsunami for your wood shop

Selecting the proper air treatment products for your shop is essential in avoiding the pitfalls of bad air. Many cheap filters and dryers do not effectively remove all the contaminants and may require constant servicing or replacement. 

With Tsunami, you can expect the clean, dry air your shop needs to run effectively AND enjoy minimal servicing with years of performance.

Why should you choose Tsunami over competing brands? Tsunami is:

higher quality, longer lasting

      Experience a higher quality product that cleans that air and lasts longer than cheaper filters.

hassle-free servicing

       Built to service quickly and efficiently to increase productivity and decrease downtime.


      Our products are easy to mount, install and operate so you can place them wherever your operations require  improvements.


recommended air filters and dryers for wood working:

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Regenerative Dryer

Tsunami's PURE Dryer provides clean, dry at the point-of-use. Our PURE line is simple, easy to install and will remove liquid water, oils, particulate AND remaining humidity found in the air line. 
Our air dryers guarantee to enhance your operations, final product, and shop efficiency when installed to where it's needed most.

Tsunami 2 stage filter with regulator 50 CFM 21999-0253 WEB

2-Stage Filter

All 2-stage filter packages feature a water separator, oil coalescing filter, and mounting bracket; some available with air regulators. These packages enhance the cleanliness of your air by pulling out water, oils, and pesky contaminants. 
Tsunami Filter Packages are available from 20 CFM to 120 CFM to meet your air demand. 


Breathing Air

Tsunami Breathing Air is essential for the health and safety everyone working in the shop. Whether wood shavings are flying or finishing spray is being applied, having clean air is vital for respiratory health in these conditions.
Meeting OSHA Grade D breathing air requirements with the help of a Breathing Air System means you can rest assured each breath is safe in the work environment.

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Take this information with you!

Download our Wood Finishing Solutions cut sheet for a print-friendly explanation of why dry air, why Tsunami and which products are right for you. Click the button below to get your copy:


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