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Compressed Air Filters

Remove liquids and oils from your compressed air.

Tsunami filters are machined from the highest quality materials and are anodized inside and out to ensure ultimate durability against corrosion and trapped contaminates. Our cutting-edge technology is rigorously tested to outperform your expectations regardless of the industry or application.

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Types of air compressor filters

See the differences between our compressed air filters and what they offer.


water separator



oil coalescing filter



activated carbon filter


Water Separator Oil Coalescing Filter Activated Carbon Filter
Flow Rates
20 - 800 CFM
20 - 800 CFM
20 - 120 CFM
Connection Sizes
1/4" - 3"
1/4" - 3"
1/4" - 1"
Max Pressure

250 PSI (20 - 120 CFM)

200 PSI (300 - 800 CFM)

250 PSI (20 - 120 CFM)

200 PSI (300 - 800 CFM)

250 PSI


Not Applicable
Liquids and bulk particulate down to 1 micron
Bulk oils, vapors, aerosols and particulate down to .01 micron
Oil vapors down to .003 ppm, odor, and taste
Drain options
Float, Pneumatic, Electronic
Float, Pneumatic, Electronic
No drain required
1-Year Warranty
1-Year Warranty

1-Year Warranty

the advantages of compressor air filters

Our compressed air filters have unique properties making them last longer and give pristine clean air compared to competitors. All Tsunami air filters offer:

  • Point-of-Use Protection
    All of our filters can be installed at the application. This allows for cleaner air, and unmatched precision.

  • Oversized for Performance
    Larger tubes and housing = stronger air surges designed to get to your application efficiently.

  • Multiple Drain Options
    You can create a custom filter packaged that fits your needs down to the drain.

  • 3-Year Standard Warranty
    Your purchase is covered so you can have a stress-free experience.

  • ISO standard 9001:2015
    For quality assurance. You are only getting what the market recommends for your equipment.

  • Made in the USA
    Designed and produced in the USA means you can rely on the materials and experience to be exceptional.

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More on our air filters...


21999-0415 20 CFM Water Separator Regulator Lubricator



Air Compressor Water Separator

Our compressed air water separators are designed to remove water, particulate, and aerosols from the air stream. These filters are recommended for all compressed air applications because moisture-filled air harms equipment. Experience water separator benefits with:

  • Particulate filtered at 99% efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Three drain options

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Coalescing Filter for Compressed Air

Oil coalescing filters remove oils, vapors, aerosols and particulate from the air entering it. A oil filter is recommended for applications in an industrial environment because the air is exposed to additional contaminants. The benefits of having an oil coalescing filter attached to your compressed air system:

  • Particulate filtered at 99.99% efficiency
  • Quick and efficient element maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Three drain options

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OilCoalescingFilter_21999-1096-Z-MM_With Pneumatic Drain


21999-1034-AC 120 CFM activated carbon filter



Carbon Air Filter

Activated carbon compressed air filters remove oil vapors, odor, and taste from air flowing downstream. Carbon filters are ideal for removing contaminants that hinder the quality of  foods in food packaging processes. Create fresh, clean air along with:

  • Quick element replacement
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Drain options, but not required

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Automatic Air Compressor Drain

Learn more and choose the best automatic drain for your air filter.

Float Drain


Float Drain

This drain has a float in the device instead of on an orifice. How it works:
  1. Liquid enters the drain
  2. Float rises off of seat
  3. The orifice is exposed when the float lifts, and the liquid exits through the stem

Pneumatic Drain


pneumatic drain

A pneumatically actuated drain valve that efficiently removes liquids. How it works:
  1. Liquid enters the drain
  2. Intermittent pilot signal actuates
  3. The liquid exits through an internal or external reservoir (dependent on housing size)

Electronic Drain


electronic drain

A drain with a solenoid valve, electric timer, and on/off settings. How it works:
  1. ON sets the amount of time the valve will be open to drain liquid
  2. OFF is the time between openings when the liquid pools into the drain
  3. Liquid exits when it switches to ON

Air Filtration System Ready

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compressed air filtration_tsunami dust iconOur air filters are easy to install and simple to operate.

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