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The Need for Dry Air in Food Packaging | Von Hanson’s Snacks

The Need for Dry Air in Food Packaging | Von Hanson’s Snacks

WHO: Von Hanson’s Snacks™

NEED: Clean, Dry Air

SOLUTION: Tsunami’s Ultra Series Air Dryer

What Happened? Von Hanson’s contacted Tsunami for a proper air treatment solution to protect their pneumatic packing machine. Several iterations of Tsunami’s air drying systems (Wall-mounted, Ultra-line Tank Mounted), were installed after a complete survey and consultation with the Tsunami experts.

If you’ve ever worked for, or owned, a business in a small town, the importance of integrating into the community is no joke. Such community-forward attitude is what ultimately brought the Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions brand and Von Hanson’s Snacks™ together for a lasting partnership.

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Von Hanson’s Snacks, located in Becker, MN, makes and distributes seasoned pretzel snacks. As an extension of Von Hanson’s Meats, they are committed to the quality products and friendly service that has been the foundation of the business since 1984.

The First Tsunami

As Von Hanson’s was gearing up to begin production and packaging of their pretzel snack line, they realized they needed some expert advice on ensuring their pneumatic packaging system had the proper capacity, pressure, CFM, and more. 

Since no one from Von Hanson’s had integrated or built a compressed air system before, Tsunami was called in to make recommendations on the size of compressor, which type of dryer, and how to mount/install it on their assembly line.

Thanks to the versatility in Tsunami’s air dryer lineup, Von Hanson’s was able to originally utilize a wall-mounted Ultra series dryer that fed an auxiliary tank with clean, dry air to save valuable production space. However, as Von Hanson’s grew and expanded, their compressed air needs did too.  

Upgrading to a Tsunami Ultra Series Tank-Mounted Air Dryer

Thanks to the partnership that grew between Tsunami and Von Hanson’s, the engineers at Tsunami helped Von Hanson’s Snacks calculate the compressed air needs of both their current system in addition to a new system and ultimately ended up purchasing an Ultra Series Tank Mounted Dryer. 

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With the purchase of a new packaging machine paired with a new tank-mounted Tsunami dryer, Von Hanson’s now has the capacity to run their newest packaging machine in addition to their original line without worrying about capacity issues. 

With the upgraded capacity of the new tank and dryer combo, Von Hanson’s was able to essentially double their output capacity without straining the machines.

When asked what piece of advice he would give someone considering a Tsunami product, Jon Tennessen, Owner and CEO at Von Hanson’s Snacks™ said “Fly in and travel to meet with Tsunami. If you want to be a number on a page, or “big business” service, go to another guy. If you want to be able to call up your sales rep to ask simple questions or discuss capabilities, Tsunami (Suburban) is a no brainer.” 

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Jon continued “When you deal with Tsunami, it’s a handshake, it’s a familiar face and someone that will pick up the phone or return your call each time. I needed Tsunami’s help on how we were going to build things, choosing the specs (such as pressure and CFM) and we were very fortunate to known the people at Tsunami.”  

To learn more about the models and capabilities of Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions, contact us today, or visit our product pages.