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Custom & OEM  Commercial Sewing

Fabricating | Converting | Custom Parts

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Sewing Industrial Textiles

Endless Innovation in sleeves and covers

With more than 2 decades of experience developing custom industrial textile products, Python provides today's leading manufacturers with durable products designed and manufactured to meet any OEM's needs.

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Custom & OEM

Fabricating & Converting

Development & Testing

Our Quality

As a division of Suburban Manufacturing Group, Python Protective Sleeve + Covers is industry certified and follows LEAN manufacturing to ensure best practices for quality, reliability and delivery.

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ISO Certified

Our ISO 9001:2015 certification ensures trust and integrity in everything we touch, see and do. In a competitive market that becomes cheaper, Python offers quality and reliability.

Quality Checks

Our sewing technicians perform first article and final quality checks. During production, job travelers are used to check stitching, seams, edges, etc. as the product moves down the line.

Premium Materials

Every new material to enter our building is abrasion tested. Allowing our engineers to recommend the right solutions for our clients projects.

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Turnkey Solutions

Python check markHigh Temp Covers

Python check markElectrical Sleeving

Python check markEnergy Chain Covers

Python check markIndustrial Straps & Hose Guides

Python check markDEF Tank Covers & more!




Build the perfect part for your real-world application and receive design support from our in-house team of experts. We offer a variety of materials and an array of colors so we can tailor textiles to your needs, and bring your solution to life. Our team of experienced engineers ensure your custom solution is made with exceptional quality, exactly how you like it.

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Custom Manufacturing & Engineering

A Zund cutting table
Zund Cutting Table
custom textiles_cutting table
Autometrix Cutting Tables
A grommet machine placing a grommet in fabric
Grommet Machines

Ideation to production

textiles made custom_python number 1Ideation and design with our experienced in-house engineering team.

oem textiles custom_python number 2Engineered prototypes are streamlined and sent to the customer for approval.

industry textiles_python number 3LEAN manufacturing process guides our production team to produce parts quickly.

industry oem textiles_python number 4Quality inspections on first and last articles using our ISO 9001:20115 standards.


Fabricating & Sewing

Python Covers is a vertically integrated, custom textile manufacturer of materials used in industrial and mobile hydraulic applications. In addition to our extensive material, we also offer fabricating and converting services.

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Custom Textile Solutions Guide

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Custom Part 1
Custom Part 2
Custom Part 3
Custom Part 4
Custom Part 5

Development & Testing

Product development and testing is an important part of the custom manufacturing process - and here at Python our goal is to have everything we create stand the test of time. In each step of development, our expert engineers test the products to ensure the cover is snug, the loop is hooked in, and it is ready to go. Our textile services are vast, just as the industries we design products for.

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Custom Textile Solutions Guide

Industrial sewing

Our engineers create configurable solutions for a variety of industries.


Custom textile solutions at Python



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