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Removable Insulation Jackets & Covers

Complete insulation blankets and covers

For heat containment and energy efficiency

For nearly 30 years, Python covers has designed and fabricated custom covers and jackets for industrial applications and machinery. Our ability to rapidly design and manufacture custom insulation covers has attracted some of the largest equipment manufactures in the US. Reduce energy consumption, increase equipment life and ensure the safety of nearby operators by investing in our insulation technology. Designed by us, made for you. 

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Custom Muffler Cover_Insulation Jacket
Industrial Insulation Cover

Our Process

Material Options

Our Quality


Our Process for Custom Insulation Design

Our process starts with you. Understanding the need and pain points of an application is the first objective during our discovery call. From there, our dedicated engineers will create prints, 3-D CAD designs and a prototype for approval. Once the product is finalized, it is sent to our in-house manufacturing team for mass production. As always, our parts are inspected for quality before shipping.

Needs Assessment & Discovery

Tell us your idea or application; we'll find the solution.

Concept Design & Prototype

We'll produce drawings and a prototype for approval.

Planning & Production

Your part will be crafted by our in-house technicians.


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Material Options for Insulation

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Material Temperature Rating Attributes
Silicone/Fiberglass Composite

Outer shell protection

Flame resistant

Chemical resistant

Woven Fiberglass Mat

Middle insulation layer

Fire resistant

Chemical resistant



Urethane Coated Silica

Inside contact layer

Flame resistant

Chemical resistant

Your Preferred Partner in Custom Insulation Covers

As a division of Suburban Manufacturing Group, Python Protective Sleeve + Covers is industry certified and backed by over 30 years of experience in textile manufacturing. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification ensures trust in our process.

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