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Hose Wraps

Protect your wires, cables, cords, and hoses in every environment.

Python hose wraps are made out of a variety of high-quality materials to ensure your hoses have unbeatable levels of protection against abrasion, weather, temperature, and regular wear known to cause tears, rips, and breakage. Our advanced technology is tested in a variety of conditions to ensure our wrap sleeves extend the life of your equipment. Python hose wraps are designed and built to last.

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Advanced Hook and Loop Closure Technology

Our hose wraps all feature hook and loop fasteners. These fasteners are built to withstand the toughest conditions so your protective sleeve stays secured to your application before, during, and after use. Our hook and loop closures are designed to hold in extreme conditions with vibration, abrasion, fluctuating temps, and unpredictable weather.

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Types of hose wrap sleeves

Compare our hose protection sleeves and find the perfect fit to ensure your equipment will last.

Insulated Hose Protection

These wrap sleeves are designed to protect your hoses from cold ambient conditions while providing general hose safety. The lining completely covers your hoses and is complete with a reliable hook and loop closure for reliable, snug security. Our hose wraps come in a variety of materials so the hose can be from rips, tears, holes, and abrasion.

Heat & Fire Protection

Crafted to withstand extreme temperatures, these wrap sleeves can protect hoses from high heat and abrasion. Built with flame-resistant materials, these sleeves are designed to protect your hoses from outdoor temperatures while ensuring abrasion is minimal.

Abrasion & Protection

Ideal hose sleeves for routine abrasion cycles on equipment and vehicles. Made of nylon-like material, these sleeves last for thousands of abrasion cycles as tested by our experienced engineers.

Signal Sleeves for Safety

Adding a pop of color on your hoses, pipes, and cables have the potential to save mistakes, lives, and money. Color-coding important equipment on the floor and job site alerts people working on the floor what is going on around them, and helps complete jobs quickly and accurately.

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