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Bundling Straps

Bundle, protect, organize and hang your hoses, cords and wires.

Python bundling straps are crafted out of a variety of materials to meet the necessary protection needed for your hoses, cords, and wires. Our bundling line includes nylon straps for every day use, and fiberglass straps for extreme weather, abrasion, and vibration environments. From regular cinching solutions to extra grip to hanging straps - our products are designed to reduce hazards and increase productivity with ease.

OEM Applications for Heavy-Duty Velcro Straps



Cinch Straps

Explore ways to reduce hazards and clutter.

Hanging Straps

Designed for tough outdoor environments.

Grip Cinch Straps

Ideal for high vibration and abrasion.

Types of bundling straps

See the difference between cinch, gripping, micro, and hanging straps.

Cinch Straps

Hose Bundling

Cinch straps are an essential in the workshop for basic organization and safety. Specifically designed for hose bundling, the nylon-backed cinch straps are:

  • Easy & quick to manage
  • Weatherproof & tear-resistant
  • Adjustable
  • UV & abrasion resistant
  • Allow natural hose expansion
  • Field-replaceable

Hanging Straps


Hanging straps are the durable, reliable, dependable alternative to zip ties. With a quick mount, hanging straps can be used repeatedly and eliminate the need for flimsy one-time use fasteners. Benefits of hanging straps:

  • Stainless steel grommets for easy access
  • Easy to navigate & memorable placement in shop
  • Allow for natural expansion

Gripping Straps

Extreme Conditions

Grip straps are designed for extreme ambient conditions. Featuring advanced hook and loop technology and a silicone backing, grip straps are cinch straps heavy-duty replacement. Grip straps advantages include:

  • Walking resistance in vertical positions
  • Silicone backing to prevent migration
  • Ideal condensation and humidity solution

Micro Straps

Heavy Loads

Micro straps are ideal for heavy loads. Made of polymide backing, a molded hook and loop design. and stainless steel hardware, micro straps are built to hold high capacity equipment. Micro strap benefits include:

  • Ability to carry up to 45 pound loads
  • Can accommodate large industrial machines & vehicles in an array of industries
  • Low-profile design to eliminate injuries
  • Easy to hang with locking spurs to support the bundle


The Best Zip Tie Alternative

Bundling for everything

Python bundling straps are an economical alternative to zip ties. Crafted of durable materials, you can be rest assured our straps will last. Each strap features hook and loop technology so you can make changed and carry on maintenance without a scissor or a handful of zip ties to throw out after. With reusable bundling solutions, the floor can be hazard free from hoses, cords, wires, and tubes being pulled off the ground and sharp plastic zip ties not littering floor. Invest in a solution meant to last.

zip ties


Industrial straps for every application

Python cinch strips are versatile so they can be tailored to your specific needs. Discover the possibilities.

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gripping strap_straps for equipment
micro cinch strap
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OEM Applications for Heavy-Duty Straps

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