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Industrial Heating Blankets and Covers

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Electric heating blankets and covers

For indoor and outdoor applications requiring added heat

The newest addition to our product line, Python Covers designs and manufactures custom industrial heating blankets and covers. Our textile expertise in custom sewing allows our dedicated team of engineers to add heating elements to our already existing high quality products. Defend against the cold and prevent freezing of materials with a heated cover.

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The Benefits

Our Process

Why Python?


Benefits of Heated Covers

  • Ensure the safety and longevity of your critical materials by securely protecting and preserving them with heated covers.

  • By maintaining ideal operating temperatures, you can enhance performance and uptime, ultimately optimizing the efficiency of your materials.

  • Store your materials worry-free during the cold winter months, knowing that they are shielded and cared for with peace of mind.


Our Process for Custom Insulation Design

Our process starts with you. Understanding the need and pain points of an application is the first objective during our discovery call. From there, our dedicated engineers will create prints, 3-D CAD designs and a prototype for approval. Once the product is finalized, it is sent to our in-house manufacturing team for mass production. As always, our parts are inspected for quality before shipping.

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Needs Assessment & Discovery

Tell us your idea or application; we'll find the solution.

Concept Design & Prototype

We'll produce drawings and a prototype for approval.

Planning & Production

Your part will be crafted by our in-house technicians.


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Why work with us?

Our team is dedicated in ensuring the satisfaction of our customers by tailoring each product for your unique application.

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