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A diesel tank solution

Suburban Manufacturing Group has been developing and manufacturing covers and sleeves to protect components from all sorts of ambient conditions for over 40 years.

Recently Python has been requested to help with a new issue. EPA emission requirements have pushed the Engine Manufacturers to integrate diesel exhaust fluid into their systems to help regulate particulate matter or black soot, and nitrogen oxides that can be emitted to atmosphere from diesel engines. Our DEF tank cover is insulated, protects from frost, and and regulates the chemicals inside to keep the air you breathe, cleaner.


Suburban Manufacturing Group_Python_custom_DEF tank


def tank cover_python application of cover on fuel tank
Low profile assembly

Due to engine bay and footprint constraints, locating the DEF tank can present heat or cold issues effecting the diesel exhaust fluid.

DEF tank application_Python_with background
Built to withstand extremes

Heat can cause acid conversion prior to injection into the SCR and cold can cause freezing prior to injection into the SCR.

Def tank application image
No temperature fluctuation

Integrated insulation prevents temperature migration; the outer layer protects the insulation from external ambient conditions.




  • Radiant lined for thermal protection
  • External heavy urethane coating preventing moisture/air penetration
  • Low profile assembly
  • Military-grade hook and loop closures for easy installs