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Python Protective Sleeve and Covers PANTONE-01 HORIZONTAL (1)

The Python learning center is your one-stop shop for all information pertaining to protective sleeves and covers for hydraulic hoses, spray foam applications, heavy machinery, and more. From our video library and blog resources to how-to and installation guides, this page provides detailed information and answers some of the most common questions we hear. 

Python Protective Coverings provides today's leading manufacturers with revolutionary safety products. Our manufacturing process includes full-service ideation, design, prototyping, testing, and mass production. With any inquiries, to request a sample, or if you have a question that isn't answered below, contact us and a member of our talented team will be happy to assist. 

Video Library

Have questions or concerns about how one of our sleeves will perform? The Python video library offers a number of video resources covering everything from product testing (fire sleeve, Diamondback pressure testing) to product demos (concrete pump cover to sidewinder applications). 


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Catalogs & Installation Manuals

Python offers a full product catalog so you can find the product you are looking for. This page also has installation manuals for our systems and components.

From the Diamondback Pro to a Sidewinder sleeve, we have an installation manual to help you if you run into an issue.


Catalogs & Manuals


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How (and Why) to Protect Hydraulic Hoses

From a mining operation to a construction project, hydraulic hose failure on equipment happens more frequently than...

Line of Sight Testing of Hydraulic Hoses with Pinhole Failures | Diamondback Sleeve

It’s no secret that hydraulics and pressurized systems, when operated in extreme or unsafe conditions can present real...

Hose Sleeve used in Concrete Leveling

How concrete raisers are using the Sidewinder SPF sleeve for hose protection.

As summer quickly approaches, the...

Best Reusable Zip Tie Alternatives

Heavy-duty zip ties, and zip-tie alternatives, can be found on heavy machinery in nearly every industry. 


Tubular Hydraulic Hose Sleeves | Buyers Guide

With options for operator protection, heat resistance, and burst protection; Protective Hydraulic Hose Tubular sleeves...

Comparing Spiral Wrap vs Hydraulic Hose Wrap

Heavy machinery should be protected just like new cars, boats, or other large investments are.  

While every company,...

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Not only does Ready Wrap provide the protection you rely on in sub-zero temps, it also acts like a can cooler in the summer months. Best part, wrapped up with 2 guys in 20 minutes; elbows and all.
Josh Monson
Greater Lakes Concrete Pumping Inc.
We have been finding a 10% gain during the cold weather on our material! We have also found that we aren’t pushing our machines as hard as we did before which is ALWAYS good!...
Evan Frank
Eco-Comfort Insealating