Distinguishing a hose bundle is made easy with Sidewinder Signal Sleeve. With a variety of colors and unlimited prints to chose from, you can find the perfect sleeve to label your hose bundle. You will no longer need to manually label or mark your sleeve or hoses.

Signal Sleeve is a multi colored wrap sleeve for hoses, cables and wire management. Offering multiple material colors in conjunction with multiple logo options and printed color options, Signal Sleeve can be your guide. The sleeve is designed using high tenacity textured nylon with a light coating of polyurethane to offer abrasion resistance and a water-repellent finish. Signal Sleeve offers extreme Hook and Loop closure, allowing the sleeve to be applied postassembly. This style fastener has proven to reduce costs associated to installation or maintenance by up to 70%.

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Provides a clean and professional look to any application
  • Economical solution for a variety of bundling
  • Sold in 150 ft. rolls
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