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Tsunami Heatless Regenerative Air Dryers: Ultra Series vs Pure Series

Tsunami Heatless Regenerative Air Dryers: Ultra Series vs Pure Series

When it’s time to consider a new heatless regenerative air dryer, choosing a state-of-the-art robust air drying machine is of the utmost importance.

It’s not a secret how efficient and durable Tsunami Air Dryers are. With over 40 years of being in the market, Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions has defined the true meaning of “dry air”.

To accommodate for almost every application, Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions carries two series of air dryers: Pure Series & Ultra Series. Understanding the differences is key is choosing the right dryer for a compressed air system. But what are the differences and which dryer is right for you?

Tsunami Pure Series Dryers

  1. Regenerative Air Dryer
  2. Hard Coat Anodized Coating
  3. Air Control Valve
  4. Pre-Filtration (water separator + oil coalescing filter; optional Moisture Minder® Drains)
  5. 60 Gallon Receiver Tank (tank models only)
  6. High Flow Piston Outlet Regulator (tank models only)

In 2005 the original Tsunami Heatless Regenerative Air Dryer was born. Simple and robust, the dryer was built for performance and ease of use. That original model would be recognized today as the Pure Series Dryer.

Pure Series dryers include:

  • 2-stage Tsunami pre-filtration (water separator & oil coalescing filter)
  • Dual-tower regenerative desiccant air dryer
  • Solenoid valve timer
  • Automatic drains (float drains come standard)
  • Wall-mounted, tank-mounted and portable options available
  • 90-Day warranty (float drain models); 1-year warranty (Moisture Minder® drain models)

The Pure Series dryer line provides premium reliability and performance, at an economical price.

Tsunami Ultra Series Dryers

  1. Regenerative Air Dryer
  2. PLC Controller
  3. Moisture Minder® Pneumatic Filter Drains
  4. 80 Gallon Receiver Tank (tank models)
  5. High Flow Piston Outlet Regulator (tank models)
  6. Pre-filtration (water separator + oil coalescing filter)

To offer bigger, better and more flexible drying technology, Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions invented the Ultra Series Dryer Line. Similar to the Pure Series (in performance and reliability), Ultra Series Dryers come with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and offer more flexibility with factory expansion capabilities. Meaning, the filters are oversized to allow for additional dryer towers to be added if a shop/facility expanded its compressed air requirements.

Ultra Series dryers include the same benefits as the Pure Series PLUS:

  • PLC Controller
  • Comes standard with Moisture Minder® automatic pneumatic drains
  • Factory expandable
  • Proven to be more efficient; lower regeneration air consumption
  • Rail-mounted option available for large CFM requirements
  • 3-Year warranties on all Ultra Dryers

Ultra Series Dryers are the step-up from the Pure Series, with more control options and larger capabilities.

Which Tsunami Dryer is Right for You?

There is no clear-cut answer to this question. Every application is unique in the quality and flow rate that is required for a successful operation. However, a few simple questions can lead you in the right direction.

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What is the flow rate of your air system?

As seen in the product catalog, the Pure Series dryer line offers dryer capacity up to 40 CFM*. If an air system is larger than that, we would recommend an Ultra Series dryer.

How many air lines are connected to the air supply?

Smaller point-of-use applications, like a paint booth, would use a Pure Series dryer. To accommodate for an entire shop (multiple paint booths) an Ultra Dryer would be highly recommended.

Will there be an expansion in the future?

Is your business growing? Will you be using more compressed air in the future? To accommodate for shop growth, we recommend investing in an Ultra Series Dryer. With their factory expansion capabilities, users will save hundreds on upgrading their existing dryer over purchasing a new one.

Looking for an economical air drying solution?

For classic Tsunami-dry air at an affordable price; Pure Series is the way to go.


*In some instances, our dryers can operate at a higher or lower CFM rate than what they are originally rated for. Please speak with your Tsunami Representative for more details.