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Tsunami Desiccant Air Dryer - New Product Summer 2023

Tsunami Desiccant Air Dryer - New Product Summer 2023

Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions Announces New Desiccant dryer for summer 2023

If you've had a paint application go awry, then you understand the importance of a reliable compressed air drying system for a smooth finish. This means filtering out dirt, water, oil and other contaminants to keep the applicator clean and maintain a quality paint job. Air dryer solutions are often too expensive, high maintenance, or low quality. This can cause projects to be delayed, result in unwanted expenses, and unhappy customers.

At Tsunami, we take clean, dry, compressed air seriously. So seriously, our team created a solution - the CORE Desiccant Air Dryer - our newest air dryer built to provide world class dryness at an affordable price, designed solely for intermittent, lower pressure point-of-use applications.



This summer, Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions is expanding our product offering with a new manual change desiccant air dryer. The CORE dryer is available for pre-order now with ship dates beginning in August.

CORE new product_featured image

CORE Series desiccant air dryer

Tsunami CORE Series Desiccant Dryer is the newest addition to the Air Dryers product line, designed to better serve the automotive and professional coatings industry.

CORE NP Application

The Tsunami manual change desiccant cartridge eliminates dusting and tunneling of air flow through the media which improves the performance of the output air. The CORE dryer is designed as a complete package and includes inline pre-filtration to remove bulk liquids and fine particulates prior to drying. 


• Super easy maintenance
• Corrosion-resistant interior  
• 20-25% longer media life than competing brands

• Removes liquid water and oils
• Filters particulates down to .01 micron  
• Removes humidity, dew points down to -80°F 
• Low pressure drop



This improves our flexibility to meet the needs of the automotive and professional coatings industry. The CORE Series dryers are easy to maintain, have quick installation, and the dual layered desiccant media sets this dryer apart from others in the industry."

-  Troy Robins, Product Manager, Tsunami




Included with System

From the pre-filtration to the mounting hardware, the Tsunami CORE Desiccant Air Dryer System comes as a complete package ready for installation.

CORE Features





  1. Desiccant Air Dryer
  2. Anodized Housing
  3. Color Changing Moisture Indicator
  4. Automatic Drains
  5. Pre-Filtration
    - 1st Stage Water Separator 
    - 2nd Stage Oil Coalescing Filter
  6. Replaceable Desiccant Cartridge
  7. Mounting Bracket



how it works

Tsunami pre-filtration includes the water separator and oil coalescing filter to remove liquid water, bulk oils, and particulate. The CORE manual change desiccant cartridge provides easy maintenance, extends media life, and eliminates dusting and tunneling. CORE Series Dryer Systems are efficiently designed and constructed with very few moving parts, reducing potential stress points.


21999-1225 CORE dryer-How it Works-graphic_transparent

There are three part numbers associated with this new product:

  • Desiccant Air Dryer System with Pre-Filtration - 25 CFM 21999-1225
  • Desiccant Air Dryer System without Pre-Filtration - 25 CFM 21999-1235
  • Desiccant Cartridge Replacement 21999-1230

The CORE Desiccant Air Dryer is available for pre-order now, with ship dates beginning in August.

To reserve your solution, contact your local Tsunami distributor or sales representative.