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Servicing Your Regenerative Dryer

Servicing Your Regenerative Dryer

For ultimate performance of your Tsunami Regenerative Dryer, follow our easy maintenance schedule. Servicing the dryer is simple and quick. The walk-through videos below provide step-by-step instructions as well as tips to make these tasks effortless:

  1. Service the Desiccant Towers
  2. Service the Water Separator
  3. Service the Oil Coalescing Filter
  4. Service the Pistons


Service The desiccant towers

Tsunami’s regenerative air-drying towers are durable and will provide the user with many years of performance; if the pre-filters are serviced regularly. Maintaining the pre-filters keeps liquid water, oils and particulates out of the towers so the desiccant media can effectively adsorb water vapor and humidity efficiently. All Tsunami Regenerative Dryers utilize molecular sieve desiccant, contained in the towers. Replace the towers every 3-5 years, dependent on usage.


For replacement towers, contact your distributor.


Service The water separator

The water separator is almost maintenance free. The steel mesh element may need to be cleaned with hot soapy water every so often to remove excess oils and particulates -- depending on the ambient environment of the dryer.


For a new steel mesh element, contact your distributor.


Service oil coalescing filter

We recommend servicing the oil coalescing filter element every six months. It is important to keep oils and fine particulates out of the dryer towers to protect the desiccation and increase the longevity of the dryers performance.


For replacement filters and elements, contact your distributor.


Service The Pistons

When servicing the pre-filters, take a few minutes to grease the pistons and O-rings as well. Using a hex wrench, loosen the front bolts and remove the piston caps. Pull out the pistons, use a ½”-13 bolt if needed, and apply a thin film of grease to the piston seals, spring, and dryer bore. Piston replacement is recommended once per year.


For service parts, contact your distributor.


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Have Questions?

Correct installation and maintenance is critical for the efficiency of your dryer. For installation information, check out the Dryer Installation blog and our YouTube channel for walk-through videos. If you have any questions regarding your dryer or regular service schedule, reach out to our team.