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Air Lubrication Kit

In industries that use drum pumps, air motors and mixers, lubrication is recommended as a best practice solution for optimal performance and equipment longevity.
Drum pumps and agitators have moving parts within them that pull the chemical from the drum to be pushed downstream. These moving parts require a small amount of lubrication to prevent wear and tear on the system. By installing a Lubrication Kit at the point-of-use, the equipment will work better and last longer.

•    Avoid premature equipment failure from lack of lubrication
•    Lubrication where it's needed, none where it's not
•    Lube your pumps and mixer with one easy-to-install kit
•    Regulator prevents over-pressurization
•    Quick-connect fittings included

How does an air lubricator work?
When air passes through the device, a needle valve drops small amounts of oil that becomes atomized. As the atomized oil hits the motor parts, it turns to liquid droplets, therefore lubricating the moving parts. drum pumps are air motors, piston, rapid cooling freezes from rapid expansion as air exists the piston.

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Air Lubrication Kit