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Pneumatic controller

for HAZARDOUS Locations Classified As C1D2

Upgrade your Tsunami Air Drying system with our Pneumatic Timer Kit. This controller uses no electricity, making it ideal for hazardous areas or locations where no electricity is available. The Pneumatic Timer Kit uses pneumatic timers to control the dryer pilot sequencing for regenerative dryers. This replaces the PLC box in our Ultra models, and the solenoid timer valve in our Pure models.

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  • Uses pneumatic timers; no electricity required
  • Rated for C1D2 and safe for hazardous locations
  • Ideal for areas where no electricity is available
  • Available for all Regenerative Dryers
  • Replaces PLC box for Ultra models, and solenoid timer valve for Pure Models
  • Easy to install

Sizing & Ordering Information

11 lbs
15" x 10" x 5"

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