Pure 5 Series wall Mounted Dryer

The newest line to Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions, Pure 5 Series Regenerative Dryers provide the same high quality air as the Ultra Dryer line at a reduced cost. The Pure 5 systems utilize a simple control system and Tsunami pre-filtration to assure removal of water, oil, and particulates before entering the dryer.

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Tsunami Pre Filtration

Tsunami pre-filtration includes the water separator and oil coalescing filter to remove liquid water, bulk oils and particulate.

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Regenerative Towers

Tsunami’s Regenerative Drying Technology uses sweep air to regenerate the towers during operation. It's like changing the desiccant every two minutes.


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Efficient Construction

The Pure 5 is efficiently designed and constructed with very few moving parts, reducing potential stress points.


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  • 2-stage Pre-filtration; Water Separator, Oil Coalescing Filter

  • Molecular Sieve Desiccant

  • Solenoid Valve Timer

  • Automatic Drains

  • Purge Exhaust Mufflers

  • Wall Mounting Brackets

  • Outlet Regulator

  • Heater pads available for cold temp applications


Dryer Performance:

  • Low relative humidity - down to .01% RH

  • Dew points down to -80°F

  • Easy, low-cost maintenance - under $100/year average


Filter Performance:

1st Stage Water Separator:

  • Removes liquid water
  • Filters particulate down to 10 micron

2nd Stage Oil Coalescing Filter:

  • Removes bulk oils and aerosols
  • Filters particulate down to .01 micron



Min/Max Air Inlet Temperature: 150°F  

Min/Max Operating Pressure: 175

Power Requirement: 120V

Compressor Size: 5 Hp

Filter Package #21999-0424


Air Consumption Averages and Cycle Time
Item # # of Towers Orifice CFM Consumption Cycle Time Tower Drying Time # of Towers Drying # of Towers Regen.
21999-1105 2 .018 1 2 minutes 120 seconds 1 1
21999-1105-MM 2 .018 1 2 minutes 120 seconds 1 1


*Dryer flow rates based on 100°F at 175 PSI an outlet pressure of 100 PSI. (Minimum inlet pressure 80 PSI Lower inlet pressure and higher temperatures affect the performance and quality of the downstream air)

Sizing & Ordering Information

42 lbs
25" x 17" x 12"



42 lbs

25" x 17" x 12"
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