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Custom Textiles for the Agriculture Industry: Equipment Bags and More

Has one of your customers ever lost crop due to equipment malfunction or failures like torn bags, pest infestations, or worn-out funnels?

Unlike other industries, machinery designed for agricultural use must take special notice when it comes to the textiles and fabrics that are used in the makeup of their attachments.

In order to maximize the lifespan and usability of accessories like calibration bags, auger funnels, and hay & forage nets, finding a manufacturer that specializes in custom textiles and fabrics for the agricultural industry will give your equipment the best odds for long-term use.

Custom Textile Agriculture Solutions for OEMs

Heavy equipment operating in the agricultural industry takes a beating. Therefore it’s important to design every aspect of your machine to withstand its operating environment.

For OEMs designing a new piece of agricultural equipment, It’s important to work with specialized textile providers that offer design and engineering services. These providers can access a bank of materials and treatments to customize your solution for its specific use case.

Need a waterproof material? DWR can be added to custom hydraulic sleeves to add water resistance. 40 HDA can be seen where heavy abrasion occurs and TGS can be seen in fire-sleeves for moderately high temperatures.

Some other examples of agricultural products include:

  • Hay & forage netting
  • Wheel motor hose cover in crop sprayers
  • Calibration bags
  • Motor graders
  • Suspension strap for heavy-duty tractors

Going beyond agriculture, a specialized textile provider can also utilize custom materials for:

  • Rock or sand hopper covers
  • U-joint covers
  • Vac-truck hose insulation
  • Multi-wall sleeve shields for mining applications
  • Heavy-duty sling abrasion covers

Agriculture Textiles: Finding a Provider

When you’re a large-scale OEM finding a supplier or manufacturer that lives up not just to your standards, but also to your customers, can get challenging. Oftentimes, specific equipment requires specific materials in order to operate in extreme environments and use cases.

When searching for custom textile solutions, it’s important to be upfront about the environment(s) your equipment will operate in and its specific use. Be on the lookout for a supplier/partner that offers engineering and design services beyond traditional manufacturing.

State-of-the-art textiles manufacturers hold a lineup of fabrics and materials, some treated to be heat resistant, others coated with a special anti-abrasion coating.

They say that a companies product is only as good as its reputation, therefore, for heavy equipment, OEM’s, working with a manufacturer that has proven experience, across multiple industries (agriculture, defense, and military, mining, or construction), will not only increase the value of your product, it’ll increase the value of your brand.

Agriculture Textile Solutions for OEMs: How Python Covers Can Help

If you’re a large-scale OEM looking for an all-in-one custom textile provider, Python Protective Coverings is a leading manufacturing in revolutionary products designed to protect both the operator and the equipment. Our fluid power expertise, proprietary technology, and world-class customer service enable us to bring the most innovative, reliable, and user-friendly products to market.

Proudly manufactured in the United States, Python specializes in providing military-grade solutions for the agriculture, defense, mining, and construction industries, and helps OEMs maximize their ROI.

Our manufacturing process includes full-service ideation, design, prototyping, testing, and mass production with the goal of being the one-stop-shop for OEMs and any businesses requiring protective covers for their equipment.

Our talented engineering force is eager to field any questions and help in any way. Contact us here to get started today, or check out our product catalog here.

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