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Custom Applications for Nylon Protective Hose Sleeves

Custom Applications for Nylon Protective Hose Sleeves

Hydraulic hoses are used in a variety of industrial environments. They are often the most vital parts on machines and equipment that run on hydraulic power. They carry the hydraulic fluid from one part of a system to the other. Without hydraulic hoses, many operations would shut down or be slowed down - which is why it's important to protect them. Nylon protective hose sleeves are designed to protect hydraulic hoses, cords, wires, and other hosing. Let's talk about what these hose sleeves can do for your productivity and costs.

In this article, we'll discuss what custom nylon hose sleeves offer:

  1. What is a nylon protected hose sleeve?
  2. What is a nylon hose burst protection sleeve?
  3. Why use a protective hose sleeve
  4. Custom applications for nylon protective hose sleeves
  5. Satisfying your custom hose protection needs

What is a nylon protected hose sleeve?

The hose sleeve is made out of nylon and has a top coating to give the sleeve additional protective properties. This sleeve is made as a wrap, so it can be placed on multiple sizes of hoses, wires, and cords. With its flexibility, it can be installed easily in tight spaces, and still be firmly secured to the hose.


Python Sleeves 1050B Product Image

What is a Nylon Hose Burst Protection Sleeve?

A hose burst protection sleeve has the properties of a nylon sleeve, but is designed to contain hose bursts. These sleeves have additional coating on top of the nylon to prevent tearing, abrasion, and irregular temperatures to protect the hose.


Why use a hydraulic hose protective hose sleeve

When operating with hydraulic hoses, it's imperative they are protected so they are less likely to burst. Hydraulic hoses are oftentimes in extremely abrasive environments, and when in daily use some hoses experience constant friction. Without protection, the hydraulic hoses experiencing extreme friction are more likely to leak, and eventually burst. In the event of a hose burst, burst protection sleeves are built to protect the operator and bystanders from life-threatening fluid injections.

Custom Applications for Nylon Protective Hose Sleeves

There are situations where equipment can't fit standard hose sleeves, the hosing is installed in a way where its difficult to find cover solutions, or your equipment requires a unique hosing solution to meet specific safety requirements. Thankfully, hydraulic hose nylon protective sleeves are made of materials that are easily configurable so manufacturers can have the perfect fit with the ideal protective coating.

custom industrial textiles_python

Coating Options for nylon protective sleeves

There are a variety of top coats for nylon sleeves to get the results your machinery and application needs to prevent hose damage and bursts. Here are standard coating offerings:

Polyurethane (Signal Sleeve): protects from corrosion, weathering, abrasion, shock, heat, and contamination

Proprietary Polymer (): abrasion resistant, puncture and tear resistant, UV protection, chemical resistant, and non-wicking

PVC Coating (Black Poly): excellent wicking ability, chemical resistance, UV protection, and heat

Proprietary High FR Neoprene (18411 ): excellent heat protection, UV protection, abrasion resistance, spark and spall resistant, puncture and tear resistant, and non-wicking

Teflon (40 HDA): best UV protection, heat, chemicals, wicking, and puncture and tears


Applications for Custom hydraulic hose protection

With these hose sleeve coating options, there are a variety of ways your hoses can be protected depending on their environment and amount of daily use. Here are the ways custom hose sleeves can be applied to your unique applications.

Here are some real-life applications designed for our customers:

Boom Hose

of Skid Loader

Our 1050 sleeve is ideal for abrasion protection, UV protection, and bundling.

1060 application image WEB

Why this sleeve: When the boom is lifting and lowering, the hoses are constantly rubbing on the hoses and boom. When the hoses get dirt and sand on them, the abrasion can worsen.



This sleeve features UV and abrasion protection from our 1050B material.

custom sleeves_skid_python

Why this sleeve: The hydraulic chrome rod is filled with oil. If it were to corrode, the head gland and seals would be damaged which would cause oil leaks. 



This Signal Sleeve is used for labeling the uses of hoses to warn others and bystanders.

custom sleeve label_python

Why this sleeve: Instead of replacing hoses when new warnings and labeling is needed, attach a custom hose sleeve to save on costs while still creating a better, safer, work environment.



A hose sleeve with radiant liner ideal for insulation and regulation.

custom inuslated hose sleeve_python

Why this sleeve: To protect hoses from extreme cold temperatures and weathering from the elements. The insulation regulates the temperature of the hose to prevent freezing and alteration of chemicals.



A sleeve with flexibility, abrasion resistance, and advanced insulation.

5601 radiant lined spray foam wrap sleeve WEB

Why this sleeve: A great fir for spray foam applications because of its ability to insulate and protect hoses from abrasion and unpredictable elements that occur from outdoor use.


Satisfying your Custom Hose protection Needs

Custom hose sleeves are super important because they protect your hoses from things.

If you need it, we can design it. We walk you through the process from ideation to creation, and keep you informed along the way for a no-surprise, communicative experience.

Let's chat so we can make a custom solution perfectly fit for you.

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