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Custom Hydraulic Hoses: Colors for Hose Sleeves

Custom Hydraulic Hoses: Colors for Hose Sleeves

Color coding hoses, pipes, and wires for safety or simply easy of use is a necessity in many industries. There have been a variety of methods used over the years to manually label or mark sleeves or hoses including tape and paint. While these methods may work in a pinch, it is not a long-term solution. The main problem is paint and tape are likely to wear out and the important message being communicated can be lost over time.

We set out to solve this problem - see how we did it:

  1. The Fully Customizable Hose Sleeve
  2. Searching for a Solution
  3. See the Difference

the Fully Customizable hose sleeve

Python introduced the Sidewinder Signal Sleeve as an economical solution for hose, cable, and wire management to indicate and signal to the operator. With numerous material colors, logos, and print color options, Signal Sleeve is equipped to be a guide.

Using Signal Sleeve allows hoses and wires to maintain flexibility while providing a bright alert.

Randy Robertson from PIRTEK addressed where other techniques fall short, “Many industries must use color coding for pipes, wires, and hoses. Using paint or colored wrap tape will not last like the Signal Sleeve will.”

Python Sidewinder Signal Sleeve_WEB

Signal Sleeve is fully customizable with:

  • 11 sleeve sizes
  • 5 choices for sleeve color
  • A variety of printing design options
  • 6 ink color choices for printing

Searching for a solution

Randy connected with a customer in need of a long-term labeling solution. “We have a location in North Carolina where a customer was requesting to replace many three- and four-inch hoses with colored lay lines for distinguishing what the hoses are carrying.  Suburban [Python] had recently released the Signal Sleeve line,” Randy explained.

“We were able to customize two colored hose sleeves to show content and flow direction of water being transferred.”

Custom color hose sleeves_python signal sleeves


See the Difference

Money and time are saved by implementing Signal Sleeve, equipped with military grade hook and loop closures for effortless installation.


hose sleeves with custom colors_python signal sleeves


Randy explained, “The company was able to save the difference of hose replacement by sleeving the sections needing identification for a huge savings. The customer was extremely happy with the product and will be installing Signal Sleeves other system hoses in the future.”

“The Signal Sleeve offers the solution for labeling hoses, wires with color options and custom printing for identification and safety concerns. Its attributes are numerous.


For more information about this solution and to assemble your custom part number, visit the Signal Sleeve page.

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