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How concrete raisers are using the Sidewinder SPF sleeve for hose protection

As summer quickly approaches, the everlasting sunshine and heat means contractors are back to work for what we hope will be a busy and prosperous season ahead.

Late last week I visited a customer in Minnetonka, MN for a check-in on a Sidewinder SPF sleeve that was purchased about a year ago. Similar to the spray foam industry; concrete raising involves heavy hoses, expensive equipment, the use of A/B material, a trailer rig, and the many headaches of putting it all together to make a flawless finished job that consumers, and the industry, have come to expect.

When we first connected with John from Expert Concrete Raising, he expressed a few pain points related to his hose bundle. This heavy, bulky and valuable piece of equipment receives plenty of abuse in the field. Most particularly when used at sites where the hose is dragged across hot asphalt and concrete — for concrete raisers this is nearly every job!

The image below is a screenshot of what his hose looked like before. The blue PET mesh wasn’t holding up with the rigors of the application. Not to mention the multiple layers of duct tape, which is showing signs of significant ware:


John told us this bundling method snags and rips while he’s in operation. During clean-up his hands would get pricked by the frayed edges. Not good for someone who does 2-3 jobs a day for months at a time.

The solution we provided was our Sidewinder Spray Foam Sleeve. The sleeve was constructed for spray foamers in mind but it works for concrete leveling as well since the same chemicals and hoses are used. Below are some images I took last week during the visit:

After one year of use, the Sidewinder SPF sleeve is holding strong! Not even the hot asphalt is a match for this product. “This stuff is awesome” John told us, “Works way better than the blue mesh that comes with the hose bundle. It’s tough but also lightweight.”

Sidewinder SPF sleeve can be purchased through local spray foam distributors.

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