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Propane Tank Warmer Covers - New Product Winter 2024

Propane Tank Warmer Covers - New Product Winter 2024

Python Covers Announces New Propane tank warmers for winter 2024



This winter, Python Sleeves and Covers is excited to announce the addition of three new propane tank warmers to our insulated application product line. Each cover perfectly fits dual 30-pound propane tanks and are designed with winter recreational activities in mind. The tanks are easily accessible for adjustments, and can be installed in three simple steps.

Propane tank warmer Features

These propane tank warmers all accomplish the same goal: keep propane tanks at a regulated temperature to achieve ultimate burn performance to outlast your time outside.

Other features include:

  • Flexible cover to replace plastic cover; no more bungee cords
  • Keeps tanks warm; stops freeze up
  • Promotes clean burning of propane
  • Minimum watt draw does not tax generator
  • PVC coating with polyester substrate prevents UV degradation

Three Styles of covers, same optimal performance

Available in three styles to meet your needs - whether for ice fishing or camping out for the evening, we have you covered.

Style 1: Propane Tank Warmer without Flip Lid (PTW-302)

Our classic propane tank warmer features the necessities. It is a one-piece full cover, designed to protect your regulator.

propane tank warmer_python PTW-302_web

Style 2: Propane Tank Warmer with Flip Lid (PTW-302-L)

Our one-piece full cover with a flip lid for easy access to the regulator. This cover is recommended for ease of making adjustments while the propane tank cover is in use.

Propane Tank Warmer_Black Folding_web-2

Style 3: Propane Tank Warmer for Tank Box (PTW-302-NL)

Our wrap-around cover for tanks located in tank boxes. With the wrap-around design, it takes seconds to install the heating cover, and keeps the temperature regulated while in use. When not in use, the cover can be removed and stored in any available space.


At Python sleeves and covers, we believe in creating quality solutions that last. Using innovative technology, these propane tank warmers are designed to withstand the coldest temps while keeping you warm all winter long. Freezing air doesn't stand a chance against these covers.

To explore the benefits of these propane tank warmers and find the perfect heated solution for your needs, contact us today or order online with our trusted supplier.


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