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Spray Foam Application | How to Ensure Optimal Performance in Colder Months

Spray Foam Application | How to Ensure Optimal Performance in Colder Months

Have you run into issues mid-job with an unprotected spray foam hose? If you have, your 2023 budget should include a line for purchasing Python’s Sidewinder Spray Foam Sleeve. 

Let's dive into why a spray foam hose sleeve is worth the investment:

  1. Spray Foam Application Temperature: The Problem
  2. 5 Benefits of using a Python Spray Foam Sleeve Year-round
  3. Spray Foam Issues that Arise without a Protective Sleeve
  4. Spray Foam Application Concerns Can Cost You the Job
  5. Consequences of an Unprotected Spray Hose Pile Up
  6. Spray Foam Application: Skip the Worry Over Mercury


Spray Foam Application Temperature: The Problem

Spray foam sleeves typically come with a blue mesh covering that, although easily recognizable, is far from dependable. Often, the covering is shredded three months after the sleeve is put into use. 

If you have had a shredded mesh hose cover and have moved on to the common spray foam insulation DIY approach of wrapping the hose with bubble wrap and duct tape, you know a lot of time is wasted with protecting the hose instead of spraying.

5601 Radiant Lined  Wrap Sleeve Roll_HERO

While both the provided mesh covering and the DIY approach help temporarily maintain the hose integrity while on the job, the more effective and long-term solution is a Sidewinder Spray Foam Sleeve. 

The Sidewinder Spray Foam Sleeve is made of a flexible material, 5601, that resists tearing and cracking. The spray foam sleeve is offered in non-insulated and radiant-lined versions, and with or without a fresh air hose pocket, to fit each unique application’s needs.

5 Benefits of Using a Python Spray Foam Sleeve Year-round

A Python Spray Foam Sleeve works year-round and is not limited to seasonality, providing advantages such as: 

  1. Protection against abrasion or damage that can result in line failure.
  2. High yield at each and every job, regardless of external factors.
  3. Steady temperature for all chemicals, optimizing the spray foam performance.
  4. Low-profile and easy to utilize for any hose or application.
  5. Fresh air hose pocket allows operators to concentrate on the job instead of fighting with another hose.

Spray Foam Application Issues That Arise Without a Protective Sleeve

5601 Radiant Lined  Wrap Sleeve Roll_Application

A problematic spray foam application project can have a direct impact on your businesses success, including:

  • Time loss 
  • Profit loss
  • A decline in reputation

Slight fluctuations in temperature can lead to massive issues with the final product - i.e. failure to set or unexpected reaction from the foam mid-application. 

Ensuring your chemicals are staying within the manufacturers' guidelines is the only way to guarantee proper application. Because of the price and extensive lead times of the chemicals, maximizing the use of every drop is important.

Abrasion to a spray foam line is a major issue as it leads to contaminated chemicals, kinks, pinhole leaks, or line failures. Abrasion can directly result from the ground where you’re working, as a frozen sidewalk or abrasive rafters can damage a hose that is dragged along it. In turn, a line with defects can cause:

  • Downtime
  • Low foam performance
  • Repair costs 
  • Foam waste 
  • Chemical contamination to nearby persons and surrounding environments (in the case of a hose bursting). 

Spray Foam Application Concerns Can Cost You the Job

Picture a typical job site during the colder months: the rig is parked in a parking lot or driveway and the hoses run across either cold concrete or frozen rock-strewn ground to reach the project area. These potential hazards can impede or halt the spray foam application if protective measures aren’t implemented. 

Spray foam sleeve_winter application

Failure to invest in a foam sprayer sleeve can mean the difference between a profitable job and one that costs

Unprotected spray foam applicators are at risk for damage, which could easily mean replacing the machine, lost opportunities because of downtime, and the potential hit to your brand image.

For the best results, the chemical drums should be stored at the manufacturers’ suggested temperature, regulation of which can be provided by the drum heater, which is specifically built to allow users complete control.

drumheater install WEB

Consequences of An Unprotected Spray Foam Hose Pile Up

When there's an issue with the job you are midway through, an unprotected spray foam hose can mean costly setbacks or lead to a negative brand image. The Sidewinder Spray Foam Sleeve eliminates concerns about abrasion or temperature control during a cold weather project and saves time on bubble wrapping your hoses in between jobs. 

Spray Foam Application: Skip the Worry Over Mercury

Your work shouldn’t be dependent on the day’s temperature. Create your own optimal day for spray foam application. Reach out to your spray foam distributor and ask for Python’s spray foam product lineup. 

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