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Weather-Proofing Your Chemical Storage With A 55-Gallon Drum Heater

Weather-Proofing Your Chemical Storage With A 55-Gallon Drum Heater

Asset and inventory protection is a key aspect of any business.

However, for construction companies, oil and gas services, manufacturers, and municipalities, storing and protecting volatile, valuable, or hard-to-find chemicals in inclement weather can present a unique challenge. 

If you’ve been wondering how to prevent adhesives, grease, paints, oils, and other chemicals from freezing or spoiling in low temperatures – we have your answer. Many businesses have turned to a simple yet effective technology: A 55-gallon drum heater.

Discussed in this article:

  1. Benefits and Uses of a 55-Gallon Drum Heater
  2. Temperature Regulation and Control
  3. The Sidewinder Drum Heater Advantage
  4. The Ultimate 55-Gallon Drum Blanket Heater



Benefits and Uses of A 55-Gallon Drum Heater 

Sourcing hard-to-come-by materials needed for manufacturing or servicing equipment is a crucial aspect to job management. Ensuring those chemicals are protected from outside elements is key to preventing costly delays in their production and maintenance schedules. 

To ensure chemicals are stored at the proper temperatures and are protected from spoiling, businesses have integrated 55-gallon drum barrel heaters.

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So what is a Drum Barrel Heater? Simply put, drum barrel heaters are designed to wrap around the drum, providing even heat distribution, thereby preventing the contents from solidifying or maintaining them at a specific viscosity.

Drum heaters have two primary functions: 

  1. Preventing frozen or otherwise damaged liquids
  2. Eliminating the stress of temperature regulation and control

For businesses, this can mean the difference between a profitable, smooth-sailing job, and one that erodes the bottom line due to costly replacement of chemicals, extended downtime and job delays. 


Temperature Regulation and Control

Several types of paints, adhesives, and chemicals have minimum temperature requirements for storage and use. However, when operating in the field with harsh ambient conditions, maintaining these temperatures throughout the entire barrel can be challenging. 

For applications like spray-foam insulation, where chemicals must be stored within a required temperature range, integrating a 55-gallon drum warmer eliminates the stress of having to regulate and control the temperature of these volatile chemicals.

drumheater install WEBFor ease of use, state-of-the-art drum heaters also include display controllers that show desired vs actual temperature to ensure your chemicals aren't dipping below their critical point.  

55-gallon drum heaters can be used on both metal and poly drums to regulate temperature for many chemicals including:

  • Adhesives
  • Grease
  • Paints
  • Oils
  • Spray Polyurethane Foam
  • And more 



The Sidewinder Drum Heater Advantage

When integrating a drum heater for crucial asset protection, it’s essential to consider its ease of use and features. 

The Sidewinder 55-Gallon Drum Heater from Python Covers eliminates the costs of damaged materials due to improper storage or unpredictable environmental conditions that can be costly to a business.

Beyond standard temperature control, the Sidewinder Drum Heater has many features and benefits including:


  • Element resistance that protects against water, wind, and UV
  • Integrated temperature controller: set a temperature and monitor using the dual temperature display controller that shows desired temperature vs actual temperature
  • Secure Closure using military-grade hook and loop that allows for easy installation
  • Easy Integration with a standard 120v outlet plug
  • Lightweight Design that comes with a convenient storage bag 
  • Produced with quality materials including high-density polyethylene that keeps the heat in, and a proprietary coated nylon that keeps cold out
  • Manufactured in the USA in our Monticello, Minnesota facility


Eliminate the stress of temperature control with the Sidewinder Drum Heater. Its integrated controller technology provides optimal flow and viscosity of materials while avoiding the chances of boiling and froth.

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The Ultimate 55-Gallon Drum Blanket Heater 

Python Protective Coverings is a leading manufacturer of revolutionary products designed to protect your assets. For OEMs looking for an all-in-one drum blanket heater, our Sidewinder Drum Heater can ensure your assets maintain their required temperature and operate as intended.drum heater WEB

Proudly manufactured in the United States, Python specializes in providing military-grade solutions for the agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, oil and gas, mining, and construction industries, and helps OEMs maximize their ROI

Our manufacturing process includes full-service ideation, design, prototyping, testing, and mass production with the goal of being the one-stop-shop for OEMs and any businesses requiring protective covers for their equipment. 

Our talented engineering force is eager to field any questions and help in any way. Contact us to get your project started today.

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