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What is a Propane Tank Warmer?

What is a Propane Tank Warmer?

Propane tank warmers are a necessity when the weather cools off and the wind blows through. In warmer weather, propane is able to flow without issue. When fall comes around and the propane cools off, its performance can diminish. Propane Tank Warmers are designed to provide warmth and insulation to the propane tanks so they are running as efficiently as possible all winter long - but how do they work, and are they worth the purchase? We'll fill you in.

  1. Why heat the propane tanks?
  2. What is a propane tank heating blanket?
  3. Three kinds of propane covers
  4. Why you need a propane tank warmer

Why Heat the propane tanks?

Heating the tanks gives reliability to the propane during these cold seasons. Propane is stored in tanks as a liquid. The liquid transitions to a gas while transported through a propane regulator and is used for furnaces, cooking stoves, hot water heaters and other necessities. As ambient temperature decreases, this transition from liquid propane to a gas propane becomes a difficult process. This sometimes causes the liquid propane to get sucked up into the regulator, causing it to freeze, not allowing gas propane to your appliances.

There are two ways propane tanks work the most efficiently in the winter: when they are completely filled up with propane, or when the propane temperature is being controlled and regulated.

Filling up a propane tank when it begins to get too low is time consuming and tedious, especially when you are in the middle of a cold weather activity. The solution: a propane tank warmer.

A Propane Tank Warmer with Lid (PTW-302-L) attached to an Ice House

What is a propane tank Heating blanket?

A propane tank heater is a cover designed to generate and circulate heat to keep propane at an ideal temperature during cold weather seasons, and serves as insulation for propane tanks. Propane warmers and covers are ideal for camping, ice fishing, hunting, and winter travel.

How warming covers work:

The propane tank warmer is wrapped around the dual 30-pound propane tanks. After it is secured, it is plugged in to a working outlet and a heating element begins to heat the propane tanks. To ensure even heat distribution, the heating element goes all around the cover and is insulated on the inside. While the cover is plugged in, the warmer regulates the temperature of the propane to ensure both tanks are burning at maximum efficiency.



Propane Tank Warmer showing internal heating elements_web

Three kinds of Propane Covers

We designed three different kinds of covers for dual 30-pound tanks so you have choices for your application requirements and needs.

Propane tank warmer

This is the classic propane tank warmer with a simple plug-and-play design. To install, all you have to do is shimmy the cover onto the tanks, ensure it's secured, plug it in, and go on enjoying your recreational activity of choice.





Propane tank warmer with Flip Lid

This propane tank warmer offers the same features as the classic: easy to install and a plug-and-play design. In addition, it includes a flip lid. This provides easy access to the propane tanks if any adjustments need to be made while in use.


Propane Tank Warmer with Flip Lid

How To install a propane tank warmer


Propane tank warmer for tank box

This propane tank warmer works optimally in a tank box and is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to install. All you do is wrap it around the tanks, secure the cover, and plug it in. It takes less than a minute to set up, and lasts longer than your adventures do.





Propane Tank Warmer without no lid in a tank box


How To install a propane tank warmer for tank box



Why you need a propane tank warmer

With three designs to choose from,  you can take this cover wherever you need to go all season long. Our propane tank warming cover is designed to last in below freezing temperatures and extreme weather, so you can enjoy the great outdoors without having to sacrifice warmth and comfort.

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