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Tsunami Dryers: The Virtual Tour

Tsunami Dryers: The Virtual Tour

For over 40 years, the engineers at Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions have been perfecting simple and robust compressed air drying systems. Watch the video below to see our best drying solutions!

Tsunami Dryers Provide Flexibility and Dependability

Troy Robins, Product Manager for Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions, provides a quick overview of Tsunami’s Regenerative Drying systems. 

He explains that the Pure Series and Ultra Series drying systems provide options when it comes to controls and pre-filter size such as: 

Pure Series Highlights:

  • Cost-effective, good for point of use applications
  • Available in 17 and 40 CFM dryers
  • Utilizes a simple air valve and controls the cycling of the desiccant towers
  • Available as a wall mount and has an option that comes complete with a one-gallon receiver tank

Ultra Series Highlights:

  • Comes with PLC controller, 
  • Filters are oversized
  • Provides more drying flexibility in controlling the dryer
  • Expandable from 40 CFM up to 400 CFM

Troy discusses complete Tsunami Dryer systems for point of use applications, where you want to have some storage of dry air for downstream applications. 

One example is a system with a receiver tank that provides storage capacity of 60 gallons of dried air and an Ultra Series option that includes an oversize receiver tank to provide 80 gallons of air storage. 

Upgrading the Automatic Drain in Your Regenerative Dryer

Tsunami Dryers come standard with an automatic float drain. If your system has a lot of sludge and requires an upgrade, the pneumatic filter drain and the electronic drain are both options. 

To get an idea of the process of upgrading your drain, check out this video.

Tsunami Dryer Installation | Consult the Experts

Tsunami dryers are easy to install and can be used almost immediately. To find the best dryer for your workshop, contact Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions and ask to speak to one of our talented experts.