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How an Air Water Separator Works

How an Air Water Separator Works

Water separators play an extremely important role in compressed air applications. Water in an air system can be the cause of major issues when left untreated. This can lead to equipment failure resulting in costly machine maintenance, expensive downtime, and diminished output capacity; leaving unsatisfied customers. So it makes you wonder - how do water separators work, and what happens when I don't have one? Let's talk about it.

In this article, we'll discuss the function of a water separator and the importance of adding one to your air system:

  1. What does a water separator do?
  2. How does a Tsunami water separator work?
  3. Do you need a water separator?
  4. Ready to add a water separator to your air system?

What does a water separator do?

A water separator is designed to pull out water and other large particulates from an air stream. This is done through a process requiring the air to go through various stages prior to exiting the filter liquid-free. Let's get into the details to understand how a water separator works.

How does a Tsunami water separator work?

The Tsunami water separator removes moisture similarly to other filters but utilize technology to make them more effective and efficient. Not only do they work smoothly, they are also easy to maintain. Our air water separator simply needs an inspection every 6 months; in some rare instances, an element replacement may be required.

This is how it works, step by step:

How Tsunami air water separators work

What makes Tsunami's Water Separator different? Download the guide here!


Do you need a water separator?

Regardless of your application and clean air goals, it is always a good idea to have a water separator as part of your compressed air system. Without a water separator attached to your system, there are a few problems that can occur:

  • Rust can form inside older steel piping, making its way into your application or equipment
  • Water and other particulates can affect the output condition of your equipment or application
  • Many coating applications will turn out poorly (splotchy, spotty, smeared, "fish eye," etc.)
  • Unhappy customers

A combination of these problems also result in unexpected costs, decreased efficiency, increased downtime, and reduced profit margins. By having a low-maintenance water separator, you save a lot of time and headaches in the long run.

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Ready to add a water separator to your air system?

Having a reliable water separator can change operations for the better. If you are ready to upgrade your air system, we are ready to help you along the way. Contact a compressed air professional to answer your questions and find the perfect solution for your air system.

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