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Are You Buying the Right Protective Hose Wrap?

Are You Buying the Right Protective Hose Wrap?

Protective hose wraps in the fluid power industry come as unique as the applications they cover. From heavy abrasion, to chemical resistance, Python Protective Sleeves + Covers has engineered a sleeve for every type of application in the agriculture, construction, defense, manufacturing, oil & gas, transportation and utilities industries. Read on to learn more about how to select the wrap that’s right for you.

In this article, we discuss the best Hose Wraps for:

  1. Heat & Fire Protection
  2. Bundling
  3. Abrasion & Protection
  4. Insulation

Hose Wraps for Heat & Fire Protection

Python Hose Wraps for Heat & Fire Protection

The Teflon Coated Fiberglass Glass Sleeve is a high-performance, flexible material that provides protection to componentry in high ambient temperature environments up to 600°F. A PTFE coating protects the core material from embrittlement and serves as a barrier to prevent acids, sealants, and other adhesives from sticking to the sleeve. Common applications include: oil & gas processing, insulation blanket shielding, exhaust systems, high temperature cable & wiring systems.

The 18411 Sidewinder Sleeve is an excellent choice for weld cable or welding hose that is dragged on the floor. It has an excellent resistance to hot sparks and spall. 18411 is also heavily used on off-shore oil and drill rigs, and in sea maintenance for saltwater/barnacle protection of hoses and safety lines.



Developed to provide ultimate protection from high spark welding applications, Weld Shield is the ideal solution in static, high temperature environments. This coarse fiberglass fabric is coated with a proprietary FR neoprene preventing molten metal up to 3000°F from damaging critical components. While this sleeve is great for metal sparks & splash, due to it’s stiffness we would recommend the 1050B sleeve for users that need the extra flexibility for dragging the hose around a shop.

Have a high temperature application that needs covering? Contact Python for a demo sleeve.


Hose Wraps for Bundling

Python Black Poly Sleeve

The Black Poly sleeve is designed specifically as an economical solution for hose, cable, & wire management. The 600-denier substrate is coated with a light layer of PVC, enhancing the sleeves ability to resist damage caused from water or sunlight. The economical design of Black Poly makes it a quick & easy solution in applications requiring bundling protection, light abrasion resistance, or simply a clean & professional look.


Hose Wraps for Abrasion & Protection

Python Hose Wraps for Abrasion and Protection


The toughest wrap sleeve on the market, 40 HDA, was built for the world’s most extreme & abrasive applications. The heavy-duty sleeve is constructed on a Military-Spec 1500 denier-woven fabric & coated with a proprietary polymer. This sleeve has nearly twice the mass & six times the abrasion resistance of any other wrap sleeve product. Unlike traditional wear products, the 40 HDA Wrap Sleeve provides 100% hose coverage for use in the most aggressive environments.

The 1050 Ballistic Nylon Sidewinder Sleeve can be used to bundle cables and protect industrial hoses and hydraulic cylinders from abrasion. The 1050B, ideal for general purpose application, is widely used in agriculture, construction, oil, gas, forestry, and mining applications and on CE approved equipment to protect operators in case of hydraulic hose failure. This is the most popular wrap sleeve in the product line and we often recommend it to customers looking for a classic all-around protective wrap sleeve.

The 5601 Sidewinder Sleeve is excellent for most mobile and industrial applications as it remains very flexible regardless of temperature. The 5601 is used for bundling hoses, wires, and cables. The heavy urethane coating creates a smooth finish; providing excellent abrasion resistance for wet, high UV, and crisp edge applications.


Hose Wraps for Insulation

Python hose wrap sleeves for insulation-1


By adding radiant liner to the 1050 Ballistic substrate, hydraulic systems and components become protected from extreme temperature allowing for optimal performance. Radiant lined products are often used in HVAC systems, refuse applications, and various other plumbing systems where maintaining thermal properties are critical.

In addition to the standard 5601 sleeve characteristics, the Radiant Liner offers thermal properties engineered to meet application needs when working in extreme cold and/or abrasive environments.

Radiant Lined Black Poly provides an economical way to bundle and insulate plumbing components that see little-to-no wear. A light PVC coating helps prevent further damage caused by high UV.

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