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Heavy Abrasion Protection Sleeve – For Hydraulic Applications and More

Heavy Abrasion Protection Sleeve – For Hydraulic Applications and More

With Valentines Day among us, there’s nothing we LOVE more than talking about abrasion protection for hydraulic applications.

Hoses and assemblies take a beating on job sites where the environment shows no mercy. Industries like mining, subsea oil service, frac and mud pump, and rotary drill hose have demanding conditions that surpass any traditional industrial applications.

The Wrap Sleeve for Abrasive Environments

When faced with these relentless environments, we put our 40HDA Wrap Sleeve to the test – a heavy duty product with true Mil. Spec 1500 denier woven hybrid fabric and an 83 durometer coating.

The 40HDA Sidewinder Sleeve has nearly twice the mass and four to six times the abrasion resistance of our other Sidewinder products; it is also offered with enhanced wear reinforcement areas for extreme duty requirements.

Severe Conditions Will Reduce Hose Life

With the forces and weights involved in oil and gas industry applications, along with the  extremely high cost of down time; it is practical that the use of our high performance, protective 40HDA Sleeve be mandatory for your extreme industry applications. The following are examples of  numerous conditions that can dramatically reduce hose life: 

  • High winds
  • Chemical Exposure
  • Weight
  • Vibrations
  • Abrasive Environments

Frequent high winds of 50-70 mph can blow a 4” 6000 psi WP rotary drill hose that is 80ft  long and weighs in at about 5000 lbs., against the rig frame. This impact happens with such force  that it severely damages the hose cover:

In  addition  to  abrasion  and  impact,  oil  field  applications  may  have  severe  chemical  resistance requirements. Drilling fluids and microbacterial inhabitors can dry the elastomers out of  rubber and plastics reducing the usable life span on the hose and hose protection by 50%:

Another  feature  that  adds  to  the  severity  of  the  abrasion,  to  which  these  applications  encounter, is weight. The example shown below is an ST80 clamping head. During the operating  cycle the hose dips down and “lays” on the ST80, which has protrusions and edges that create  pressure point  wear. The vibration of the hose provides an ultra sonic movement which, combined  with the weight, causes serious wear in a very short time:

Testing  on  the  40HDA  was  done  on  the  rig  and  also  on  the  service-providers  hose  applications. Pictured below is an example from the drag tests performed to varify  use of covering umbilicals for jet dredge operations. In subsea applications the most challenging part of the job  comes from dragging the heavy 600ft bundle, which equals 40psi ground pressure, over rough  concrete, on the dock, during inspection and storage preparation:

The Solution For Abrasion and More: How Python Can Help

If you’re fed up with extreme environments wrecking your machinery and postponing your job, you’ve come to the right place.

Python Protective Coverings is a leading manufacturer of revolutionary products designed to protect both the operator and the equipment. Our fluid power expertise, proprietary technology, and world-class customer service enable us to bring the most innovative, reliable, and user-friendly products to market.

Proudly manufactured in the United States, Python specializes in providing military-grade solutions for the agriculture, defense, mining, and construction industries.

Our talented engineering force is eager to field any questions about your custom solution. Learn more about the 40HDA Wrap Sleeve and request a sample.